By Amy Kemper, Vacations Supervisor at Adelman Vacations

Yoga & Spa: Hi, Amy! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with Adelman Vacations.
Amy Kemper: I am a mom to a smart and funny 9-year-old boy; I have a supportive husband and a career that I am passionate about. Adelman Vacations is a family-owned company that opened with one office 35 years ago and we have grown to be one of the top 20 travel companies in the United States. We have a proven worldwide network of vendors and are experts at making dreams come true. I am very grateful for both my family and my work family.

Y&S: That’s great! In your opinion, where’s the one place you think everyone should travel at least once?
The Hawaiian Islands. I was lucky enough to go for work, touring several of the resorts through Waikiki and exploring Oahu. The culture, history, beaches, waterfalls, pineapples and the indescribable aloha spirit make this a destination with something for everyone. I urge you to find out for yourself why Hawaii is consistently ranked as the least stressed and happiest state in America!

Y&S: That sounds beautiful. Is that your favorite vacation spot?
AK: Truly, my favorite vacation spot is anywhere I go with my son. He sees the world with an open mind and heart – it is a good reminder to me that there is much more to the world than just what is going on in my neighborhood. But if I must choose one spot, it would be on a secluded beach, in a lounge chair, on a quiet morning, listening to the waves crash and the birds singing. A great way to experience this is by taking a kayak from Sandals Grande St. Lucia and heading to their private island as the sun is coming up. With our busy lives, it is important to put ourselves in situations where there is nothing to do but sit and center your mind.

Y&S: Do you think vacations help make you a healthier person?
AK: YES! Vacations relieve stress! Less stress means fewer health-related problems. Having time away from your everyday responsibilities is a key factor to having a healthier heart and mind. Vacations stave off burnout and you can get a fresh perspective for problem solving and increase your productivity. Vacations also strengthen bonds – with your friends, your family and increase your connection to the world.

If you are looking for a vacation specifically to focus on discovering your best self and staying healthy, the brand new Miraval Austin Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas would be a great choice. Their award-winning experiences range from meditation, spirit and soul classes, yoga, nutrition, and an incredible spa.

Y&S: Some resorts/vacation spots aren’t geared toward health & wellness. What are some things you can do on a vacation that help you stay active and healthy?
AK: We are partners with several gorgeous resorts that make staying active and healthy easy. If you would like a gym with an ocean view, yoga on the beach, a top of the line spa facility and healthy menus we’ve got you covered! Volunteering during travel has become very popular as well. Taking a day to clean a beach or rebuild a school will help keep you active and increases your connection to your surroundings. But there are also simple choices you can make too, like hiking through a National Park, swimming in the ocean or skipping that second strawberry daiquiri!

Y&S: Vacations are meant to help you relax, but sometimes end up being more stressful because of all the planning. How can Adelman Vacations help reduce the planning stress of a vacation?
AK: The most important thing to me is to understand what will make a great trip for my clients. Everyone has different wants, needs and things they want to come home and brag to their friends about! So, I always start with a long chat! It’s critical to know what people dream of, what are their hobbies, what they’ve done in the past and loved – or not. Then, I can reach out to my worldwide vendors to build a custom itinerary based on their specific desires. I handle all the paperwork and the deadlines. I will also track your trip when you are away, so you are never on your own and I am here if you need me. Planning a vacation should not be stressful!

Y&S: Wow, that sounds like a breeze! Last thing: give the readers some advice from an expert traveler. What is your number one must-have in your carry-on bag?
AK: My number one must-have in my carry-on is an empty cup with a lid that I can fill after I get through security. Your body can lose 4 cups of water during a flight, so it is very important to stay hydrated! I also bring a little bottle of Woolite® with me, it’s great for rinsing swimsuits and nice to have just in case a bag goes missing!

Another great tip is that Adelman Vacations’ clients receive a $50 Adelman Vacations gift card for EVERY new to Adelman client they refer. When the newly referred client makes their final payment, the gift card is yours! I have had clients cash in hundreds of dollars’ worth of cards on their trip!

So, are you ready for vacation? Please give me a call; I would love to talk to you about your next adventure!

Amy Kemper is married to Bryan and has a 9-year-old son and two cats. She maintains an active lifestyle being involved with her son’s sports teams and of course, exploring the world!
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