By Lynn Schroeder BHC, MAPS

Maybe you’re a woman trying to balance it all but feel like you’re failing and are ridden with “mom guilt”. Maybe somewhere along the way you lost confidence in the woman you were made to be. Maybe you’re stuck in the “comparison trap” and think you never measure up. Maybe you think that beauty is what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business faster while also building stronger relationships and a richer life. Or, maybe you’re simply tired of putting everyone else’s needs first and want more for yourself. If you related to any of these “maybes”, I would love to help you and be your coach.


◆ See that you have much to contribute to life
◆ Look at your life as a hero’s journey
◆ Discover what holds meaning and purpose for you
◆ Identify your core strengths and values
◆ Create goals that come alive with meaning and excitement
◆ Reach your goals with clarity, focus, ease and grace


◆ To create a powerful partnership with you
◆ To help you gain clarity and focus about what you want and how to take action to do it
◆ To be a person in your corner to support you throughout this coaching experience
◆ To help you develop strategies and solutions that move you through obstacles toward meaningful goals that reflect your most valued intentions
◆ To create structure and certainty in the process, as well as confidentiality, safety and respect
◆ To keep the agreements of the contract

I’ve dedicated a large portion of my professional focus to coaching business professionals to achieve more and accelerate their results. I also help coach people through life’s transitions, overcome their limiting beliefs and help clients who are seeking to become more confident.

I’m passionate about helping women BELIEVE in themselves, take a chance on themselves and truly understand how valuable they are to this world. It’s time to take control of your thoughts, your actions and your life. It’s time to live the life you know you’re meant to live.

If you’re willing to do the deep digging your soul has been craving, you can make shifts in ways you didn’t even know you could shift and finally start living a life you’re excited about. Contact me today and get ready to transform!

Lynn Schroeder
BHC certified Life Coach
MAPS certified Business Coach