By Becca Van Ess
Your guide to current trending products in the health & wellness, beauty, fitness and travel industries.



Instant fruit and vegetable smoothies, delivered. No need to freeze or blend, just shake it up and go. 100% organic. No added sugar. At kencko we believe that tasty organic fruit and vegetables should be available anytime, anywhere, in any shape or format, and…we’re on a mission to reinvent organic fruit and vegetables into convenient products that are hassle-free to consume, eliminating perishability by extending shelf-life while preserving nutrition and properties of freshly harvested produce.

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Wink Desserts

Looking for a sweet treat that’s naturally sugar-free, low in carbs and calories, and not filled with junk? Look no further than Wink Frozen Desserts! Wink is the premier vegan, gluten-free, nut free frozen dessert that fits anyone’s budget. Enjoy by itself, or dress it up with your favorite classic sundae toppings.

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Pursoma is a beauty wellness brand. Pursoma products are all developed to combat urban toxicity and pull out toxins resulting from stress, pollution, and excessive exposure to technology and its radiation emissions. These are not simply relaxation tools, but rather rejuvenation products that aim to keep you well in the modern world. Pursoma, founded by Shannon Vaughn, was created with the essential idea that true beauty begins with feeling well and illuminated from the inside out. Formulations are developed by the founder and always maintain the highest level of ingredient quality and potency. Pursoma directly sources the purest ingredients which are wild and hand-harvested, sustainably farmed, and organic. The ingredients work to detoxify, purify, and ultimately leave you with a radiant complexion.

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ThirdLove is one of the fastest growing and most disruptive bra and underwear companies in America. The direct to consumer brand is on a mission to get every woman into a great fitting, comfortable and beautiful bra that makes her feel confident. Its patented Fit Finder® quiz asks women a series of questions about her current bra and even her unique breast shape and uses data science and machine learning to recommend her best size. Heidi Zak co-founded the company with her husband David Spector in 2013, because she believed that women deserved better bras, marketed in a way that didn’t insult their intelligence or push impossible beauty standards.

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With Love Goodly’s bi-monthly subscription box you can switch to healthier beauty and skincare products. The average woman uses 168 chemicals in her daily personal care, which is frightening considering that we absorb 70% of what we put on our skin! In every box discover nontoxic, cruelty free and vegan brands.

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