Our Mission

Yoga & Spa Magazine provides fresh, cutting-edge information to help our readers live full, healthy lives. Our content is designed around our readers and includes yoga, health, wellness, amazing recipes, parenting, eco-friendly living, sustainability and travel.

Our Vision

To take our readers on a journey that leads to self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness through informative articles that inspire.

Principle Members

Rich & Marguerite StrilerOwner, Publisher
Email: marguerite@yogaspamag.com
Office: 314-394-2400


In 2009, Yoga & Spa magazine opened doors as the Premier Health + Wellness magazine in Missouri. Our company promotes the many ways individuals can take personal responsibility for their health and well-being as well as that of their family and pets. Our publication is printed in high gloss with visually appealing graphics, which make for a fun read. The regular sections in Yoga & Spa magazine are:

• Healthy Lifestyle Guides
• Trending Now
• Yoga & Fitness
• Wellness
• Food for Thought
• Heart & Soul
• Travel
• Healthy Pets

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