Did you know Skeletal Strength Conditioning is the new must-do natural program to keep your body in motion as you age and to guard against fall and fracture risk due to Osteoporosis? The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control have reported that half of all women and a third of all men over 50 WILL break a bone because of Osteoporosis and it is the third leading cause of death after 65. Being aware of the risks attendant to developing Osteoporosis if you don’t pay attention to your skeletal health is one of the goals this month of American Bone Health, which is the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to understanding the devastating effects of osteoporosis on a population that is living longer.

So why are our bones so important? Just take a look at these seven functions of the skeletal system:

1. Supports the body and cradles the soft organs
2. Protection of brain, spinal cord, and vital organs
3. Anchorage—bones are used as levers to move the body and its parts
4. Bones are a reservoir for minerals needed in all parts of the body
5. Blood cell formation occurs in the red bone marrow cavities of certain bones
6. Triglyceride (fat) storage, an energy reserve adipose tissue for the body, is stored in bone cavities
7. Bones produce osteocalcin, a hormone that helps to regulate insulin secretion, glucose homeostasis, and energy expenditure

Without the skeletal system, you would be a limp mass of organs, muscle, and skin. It is arguably the most critical system of the human body.

Kevin Ellis, certified health coach and owner of FoodHealHealth.com, had an unexpected diagnosis of osteoporosis last year. He has made it his mission to help guide people into a healthy lifestyle and believes everybody should be using the technology at OsteoStrong to avoid bone loss, at any age.

“When I first learned I had osteoporosis, the first thing my doctor recommended was to get into an OsteoStrong. It quickly became a foundational pillar in improving my bone health. Even with low bone density, the lifestyle and nutrition changes I’ve made along with OsteoStrong has me lifting more in the gym now than I have in many years. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my bone health.”

EveryBODY can benefit from skeletal strength conditioning. During the month of June, all OsteoStrong locations in St. Louis are offering a FREE TRIAL to show you just how important your bones are in living a healthy, active life! Mention Yoga & Spa and receive a free additional service! Call now to schedule your FREE SESSION!

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