Pilates Re-choreographed + Redefined for Real Results

We have redefined studio pilates and fitness using our proprietary integrated movement exercise formula. Our proven formula fuses intense toning workouts with cardio and strength training components for a total body sculpting, heart-pumping workout. Our classes are challenging, yet low-impact, and held in a spa-like atmosphere. We intentionally keep our classes small in order to provide personalized attention and to avoid the group pressure.

Our beautifully remodeled 3,000 sq ft studio is an oasis where you can escape your hectic life. It features two main workout rooms as well as a private training room. Our highly trained and certified instructors utilize IM=X® Pilates teaching styles that will inspire, challenge, and motivate you to reach your health & fitness goals. We pride ourselves on providing you with real results in a supportive community while having fun!


The Xercizer
Our patented reformer was custom designed by the creator of IMX, and is manufactured in the United States. The Xercizer is stronger, wider, and more durable than any other reformer on the market. The Xercizer has a heavier spring load than a traditional reformer, which aids in strength training, and an enhanced jump board, which provides for an amazing low-impact cardio workout. The variable spring load, as well as multiple placements for the footbar and shoulder blocks, allows IMX to accommodate clients of varying heights and sizes, and allows us to adapt our workouts for anyone and everyone, from beginners to elite athletes.


Strengthen and Tone
IMX Pilates has developed a comprehensive exercise program, focusing on creating muscle fatigue with minimal equipment reconfiguration. This ensures that clients get a challenging workout in under an hour, allowing them to build strength and tone muscles in an efficient yet fun workout.


Increased Flexibility & Mobility
For athletes and non-athletes alike, flexibility and mobility are so important as we age. IMX Pilates has re-invented Pilates for how people live and move in a modern world. Our workouts are specifically designed to increase your flexibility in a safe and controlled manner, and to help improve stability and mobility as we get older. Because our workouts were designed with a focus on preventing and rehabilitating back pain and injury, clients often comment on how much better they feel, and how they are able to perform everyday tasks with significantly less pain than they could prior to starting an IMX program.


How is IMX Pilates different?
Our system was created over 20 years ago using scientific data on muscle recruitment patterns, postural issues, stabilization and forced exhalation. It’s an ideal blend of scientific research and modern-day movement. IMX Pilates offers a wide range of classes, all of which are focused on proper spine alignment and muscle recruitment patterns. Our workouts are designed to provide maximum results, increasing your strength, tone and flexibility, through low-impact movements.

Who is IMX geared towards?
Anyone who wants to improve their fitness level or just looking for a new, challenging workout routine. All of our programs are customizable and easily modified, no matter a person’s age, fitness experience, or skill level. From a true beginner to a seasoned athlete, we achieve results for all!

What are the benefits of IMX?
IM=X® Pilates & Fitness includes a blend of unique movements combining the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of pilates with elements of strength and cardio training. Our workouts will increase flexibility and endurance while at the same time strengthening your core. This creates a longer, leaner, more energetic and toned you! Numerous studies have shown that exercise improves mental health. Our workouts are geared towards stimulating endorphins that can help relieve stress and boost overall mental health and mood. Not only will our workouts help you look great, but they’ll help you feel great too!

About Alyson Domoto, Owner of IMX Pilates & Fitness – St. Louis:
Alyson Domoto grew up in St. Louis and has recently moved back to the area after retiring from a career as a Flying Trapeze artist in the Circus. She fell in love with the IMX program while on tour and decided that she needed to open her own studio in order to bring IMX Pilates & Fitness to the St. Louis area. Alyson has been an athlete her entire life, from gymnastics to diving to circus arts, and is a huge believer in exercise and fitness for health and longevity. She truly enjoys teaching and seeing the transformations that take place as clients learn how to build strong, healthy bodies!

IMX Pilates & Fitness – St. Louis
608 N. McKnight Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63132

All photos by Heather Crider at Digital Architect Media