Interview with Mike Baue, Co-Owner of OsteoStrong O’Fallon
By Diane Kline

Y&S What made you decide to bring OsteoStrong to St. Charles County?

Mike Baue –
My wife Christine and I were invited to Laura and Johnny Harper’s Grand Opening (OsteoStrong Creve Coeur) in July of 2016 and were intrigued by the technology. As I approached age 50, my knees, hips, and back were beginning to ache, and OsteoStrong made sense as a solution. Christine became a member in Creve Coeur and we saw an immediate transformation in her strength, balance, and agility. We knew this would be a huge impact on the health of our family and community.

Y&S – Fantastic! How does OsteoStrong actually work?

MB – We’ve known for well over a hundred years that they way to strengthen your skeletal system is by applying pressure, and in 2012 a group of researchers determined the amount that’s required to stimulate bone density growth. OsteoStrong uses this research and worldclass technology. In one simple pain and sweat free session each week, our system gives members the benefit of high impact force without the risk of high impact activity. Certified Strength Coaches lead members through a series of four Robotic Musculoskeletal Strengthening Devices designed to increase skeletal strength, which impacts the entire body. In just ten minutes, once a week, these sessions help our members get stronger bones, stronger muscles, improve balance and agility, and greater athletic performance.

Y&S – Can a ten-minute session really make a difference?

MB – Absolutely! Not only do they feel the benefits, but we track each member’s gains with every session. The Biofeedback on each machine measures strength gains, and members monitoring their bone density with their doctor often see increases over time. One of our greatest joys is when a member comes in and shares how their life has improved because they joined OsteoStrong. Many members have reduced or completely eliminated joint and back pain. Some start playing sports again, and some have completely reversed their osteoporosis. The great thing about OsteoStrong is that it works for almost anyone at any age, body style, or physical condition.

Y&S – This sounds a like a gym. Is it a workout?

MB – OsteoStrong is nothing like a gym. Skeletal Strength Conditioning doesn’t require sweat or pain. Clinical research is clear that strengthening your bones requires something completely different. OsteoStrong’s Spectrum System is designed to allow members the ability to harness their bodies’ natural adaptive responses by using their own strength in a comfortable and fun environment. When a member uses our system, they can strengthen their entire musculoskeletal system at a cellular level in a quick once-a-week session. That’s what sets us apart.

Y&S – So, who should come to OsteoStrong?

MB – That’s easy. Anyone who wants to take their physical performance to the next level. This includes everyone from highly conditioned athletes, all the way across the spectrum to highly deconditioned elderly. Most people want more strength, less pain, greater performance, or some other benefit of skeletal strengthening. We have members from 11 to 90 years old, and they all benefit from the same system once a week. We’re making a difference, and it’s amazing to see new centers opening around the St. Louis area, and around the world!

Y&S – Great! How does someone get started?

MB – Call us! The best way to experience OsteoStrong is to try it yourself. Each location offers a no obligation, no cost trial. Your skeletal system is your foundation. If you have strong bones, you can have a strong body. This is arguably the most profound system for human physical development in decades. What would your life be like if you had a strong foundation?

OsteoStrong- O’Fallon
44 Crossroads Plaza
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Other OsteoStrong locations:
OsteoStrong – Ballwin 110 Holloway Rd – 636-697-3902
OsteoStrong – Clayton 8201 Maryland Ave – 314-541-5661
OsteoStrong – Creve Coeur 12333 Olive Blvd – 314-300-6902