“The goal of Nouveau is to develop a Personal Treatment Plan to utilize bio-stimulator modalities to encourage your body to repair and correct itself.”

Y&S: So, let’s go back to your beginnings. Where did you grow up?

Carol Anderson: My roots go back to my family’s 100 year farm in the Missouri River Valley between New Haven and Hermann, Missouri.

Y&S: What was it like growing up in the Missouri River Valley?

Carol Anderson: I had the fortune of being raised by a community. It was a place where generations of families worked, played, went to school and church together. An abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh unadulterated animal products, as well as everyday outdoor activity, fueled strong bodies.

Y&S: Where did you go from there?

Carol: University of Missouri-Columbia—Nursing was a choice which evolved over time out of a natural instinct to nurture. As a child I was often found caring for small and sometimes compromised baby farm animals.. The wonder of science and humanitarianism drew me into nursing.

Y&S: What led you from being an RN to the owner of Nouveau?

Carol: Nursing was never a job, but a profession regarding the science of well-being and the compromise of one’s state of being. I have not transitioned from nursing to Nouveau, but rather am the RN/Owner of Nouveau. Over the first 25 years of nursing, my career spanned from neonatal to aging inhome nursing, patient care to hospital administration, hospital consulting and Disease management. Nursing led me on a multi-faceted path privileged to have been influenced by the diversity of thought and practice.

After ten years of working with a Plastic Surgeon, I became the first RN in Missouri to be a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. In April 2016, I opened Nouveau with the goal of being the regenerative face of beauty, granting women and men permission to age with grace, dignity, strength, and beauty.

Y&S: I had the privilege of hearing you speak at the Living Fit Expo. You seem energized and passionate to share your expertise. What energizes you?

Carol: My passion and enthusiasm springs from being authentic consistently across life, personally and professionally. When I work with clients, I share my true experiences with and knowledge about aging and help the client find their own source of grace to wear aging beautifully and with resilience. Our professionals are a source of “truth in aging” and “truth in the science of market trends”. We discourage “what is the most popular treatment of the day” and encourage the best treatment. We believe in using multiple modalities and a planned regimen of treatments to accommodate consistent correction and prevention.

Y&S: What’s the most popular treatment you provide at Nouveau?

Carol: “Remember and rebuild” is my favorite strategy. Actually, my favorite part is the consultation. This is my opportunity to get acquainted with your face, skin, and goals, identify natural sources of beauty, and what is causing the interruption. Then, we talk about how to prevent or correct concerns.

The goal of Nouveau is to develop a personal plan to utilize bio-stimulator modalities to encourage your body to repair and correct itself.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an autologous (from you – for you) treatment utilizing your own blood to derive concentrated platelets and re-inject them strategically for correction. PRP can be injected to create volume, correct fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne scarring, and stimulate hair restoration. During the 11 years I have administered PRP cosmetically, I observed PRP to lay a great foundation. That foundation of PRP will enhance the response of the face, body, and skin to most treatments. Injecting PRP 1-4 times each year could be considered your own ”internal fountain of youth”. Other treatment modalities which signal your body to auto-correct are Sculptra Aesthetic, Forever Young BBL and Infini (fractionated radio frequency).

Y&S: If you had a crystal ball, what would you see as the future of your industry?

Carol: Aging begins at birth and is the passage of time. How we spend that time and care for our body, mind, and spirit determines the quality of that passage. We are part of a movement toward restorative and regenerative medicine, toward cultivating and managing a functionally youthful state — how we feel, live, and look. The specific field of Aesthetic Medicine will grow as more people become aware of the affordable possibilities. The age of people seeking treatment is broadening as a younger population embraces prevention.

One is never too old to make corrective youthful changes and never too young to practice preventive anti-aging self-care. Nouveau will continue to be your source of “truth in aging” and “truth in the science of market trends.” Our future is you.

Carol Anderson – Owner/RN/CANS
Carol is the owner of Nouveau Medspa in Kirkwood, MO. She is also a Board Certified Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is the first RN in Missouri to become a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist.

Beth Schrieber, Spa Coordinator
Beth brings hospitality, customer service, and organizational skills from her experience as a flight attendant. She also has a background in Medical Transcription and is knowledgeable about the medical and aesthetic treatments offered at Nouveau. Beth manages and coordinates Nouveau’s treasured time, daily schedules, and celebratory activities.

Jessica Faron, MSN, FNP-BC
Jessica is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She attended St. Louis University and has practiced in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine for 4 years. Now trained in cuttingedge Aesthetic Nursing techniques she lives by the “Beauty Inside Out” mentality. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their own unique goals for life and beauty.

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