The New Year Brings Hopes, Dreams, and Resolutions
By Zinia Thomas, M.D.

According to Statista charts, the most common New Year’s resolutions are eating healthier (37%), exercising more (37%) and focusing on self-care (24%). People don’t achieve their goals for many reasons, but having manageable and reasonable expectations and celebrating the smallest positive changes will keep motivation high. Change takes time, effort and patience. Adding biohacking techniques can give us an effective shortcut!

At Radiance Float + Wellness, our services can help all 98% of the above resolution-makers, while providing the biohacking services to give you the results you are looking for, and in record time!

One of the most popular and effective services for fat loss, cellulite removal, and a non-invasive anti-aging facial is the Cryoskin device. Using the latest in advanced technology, the Cryoskin has been shown to help people lose ½” to 1 ½” in 28 minutes! This biohacking success is achieved through thermal shock and cryolipolysis on the CryoSlimming setting. First, the smooth wand warms the skin which brings fat cells to the surface. Then the wand rapidly cools to freeze the water in the fat cells selectively, sparing muscle, tissue or skin cells, just like when you place water in the freezer it expands. That same expansion occurs in the fat cell and breaks the integrity of that cell forever! Results have been clinically proven and 38%-45% fat loss was achieved after 5 sessions over ten weeks. Those results are will certainly keep motivation high and keep you working towards your lifestyle goals.

Come to Radiance Float+Wellness to experience Cryoskin. A new year, a new you!

Be Well,
Zinia Thomas, M.D.
Chief Healing Officer and Biohacker
Medical Director and Co-Owner of Radiance Float + Wellness


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