Blending Body and Mind in the New Year
By Jennifer Rogers

Positive Thoughts
Do you remember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” It is a truer statement than you may realize. The universe gives us exactly what we ask for, both positive and negative. This is also referred to as “The Law of Attraction.” Be mindful of your thoughts and words always; they are your conversations with the universe. Instead of saying, “I think I’m catching a cold,” for example, replace that with: “Thank you universe for blessing me with perfect health.” Our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

Music that is uplifting such as New Age, Native American, Instrumental, Nature Sounds and Sanskrit Mantras are all highly vibrational and will in turn raise your energy vibration. The frequencies and vibrations emitted from singing bowls and tuning forks are very beneficial as well.

Not only do gemstones do a wonderful job of raising anyone’s vibration, they also offer great protection from absorbing others’ negative energies by carrying them on your person or placing them around your home. High vibrational stones such as selenite and amethyst are good choices, but always let your intuition be your guide when choosing stones.

Spend as much time connecting with nature as possible. Mother Earth replenishes our energy while helping to ground and center us. Walk outside barefoot or place your hands on the Earth and allow all of your cares and concerns to flow into her, where she will transmute them into positive energy.

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”
The people around us and our environment will raise our vibration or lower it. Choose wisely who you share your time and space with. Surround yourself with caring, like minded people and watch your energy vibration soar!


Jennifer Rogers received her Reiki certification in 2006 and certification in Gemstone Energy Therapy soon after. Jennifer has studied many other holistic healing modalities over her 20 year career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a combination of natural healing techniques, which are tailor fit to each client’s needs and goals.

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