Self-Care Through the Holidays & New Year
By Molly Eames, M.Ed National Certified Counselor, Sex Therapist and Educator

The holiday season is filled with joy, excitement and a healthy dose of stress. When we do not take care of ourselves, we ultimately end up feeling mentally and physically exhausted: perhaps catching that seasonal flu or cold that won’t go away, or finding that our interactions and reactions towards our loved ones are short fused and hectic. We may even be wishing for all of the holiday wonder to disappear immediately.

When practicing self-care, I like to find ways to connect via mind, body and spirit. Here are a few self care reminders that will help to increase your passion over this holiday season.

Mind: Why not get involved with a non-profit that excites you or volunteer at the local Humane Society or food pantry. Brighten someone else’s day by writing letters to our military personnel who are serving overseas. Another feel good activity is helping provide clothes, food and holiday gifts to a family that is less fortunate. When we do good things, we feel good inside. And when we feel good inside, we tend to be more open to passion.

Body: Exercise is a simple, powerful and effective way for us to curb the holiday blues. By moving our bodies and engaging our muscles, we are providing the perfect outlet for stress – which allows us to focus on relaxation. Not only does exercise feel great, but it stimulates the release of endorphins – which helps to relieve pain and stress, and can help to regulate and boost your mood!

Spirit: This is the time to feed your soul! Take a moment and check in with yourself – your body will always tell you what you need. Connect with others, take time for yourself, get enough sleep, eat well, meditate, read, whatever it is that you need!

Whatever you do, always remember to be kind to yourself – after all, it is your holiday too!

Molly Eames, M.Ed, National Certified Counselor
Sex Therapist and Educator

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