Start Living a Life of Radiance This Holiday Season!
By Dr. Zinia Thomas, M.D.

As joyous as they are, holidays bring their share of stress. When we’re vulnerable, our defenses need to be up and we need extra care to combat the stress burden. Add in today’s fast-paced, overworked, socially connected, yet disconnected, sleep-deprived society, and self-care is more important than ever. However, with a shortage of time, it is hard to invest in self-care. At this rate, stress and injury are sure to set in, leading to chronic issues like inflammation, which is typically the root cause of all disease. Radiance Float + Wellness specializes in great shortcuts or biohacks to get your body and mind functioning optimally in record time!

One of the quickest ways to optimal health is restoring nutrients our body needs to function. IV Nutrient Therapy boasts 100% absorption of the vital essential nutrients given through a bag of IV fluids. Clients report a calming sensation and near-immediate improvement in symptoms of stress, low immunity, fatigue or even a holiday hangover! The replenishment of nutrients and vitality gained can last for days, and with repeated infusions, can effectively manage disease states such as leaky gut, asthma, migraines, and low immune states, including acute viral infections, like the flu. Infuse the anti-aging goodness of IV NAD+ and Glutathione for youthful energy and a glow! Between IV infusions, maintain nutrient levels with our IM (intramuscular) injections, transdermal vitamin patches from PatchMD and our highly-absorbable oral isotonic vitamins from NutraMetrix.

Recovery services such as Float Therapy (great for skin, muscle, joint, mental stress and pain) or Cryotherapy (great for pain, inflammation, mental stress via the endorphin rush and metabolism – burn 500 calories in 3 minutes!) must be incorporated in weekly life to combat effects of stress. The Infrared Sauna is a must for detoxification, and benefits include decreased cortisol, improved stress and pain tolerance, as well as increased flexibility, improved skin and a cardiovascular-like workout without any work! Cryoskin 2.0 is our biohack tool for fat loss, cellulite removal and anti-aging facials through cryo-technology. Our bodies are 75% water and 70% microcirculation; improve the biggest components of your body with ionizing alkaline Kangen Water and BEMER Vascular Therapy, here at Radiance or in the comfort of your own home.

Be well,
Dr. Zinia Thomas, M.D.
Owner & Chief Healing Operator

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