Shamanism Is a Calling of the Heart!

You have probably heard this word more in the recent few years than in your whole lifetime. Although, I feel like I have known the word Shaman my whole life, to define this word was a different story. There is some confusion in our society about what a Shaman is and what a Shaman does.

There are several different kinds of Shamans who are doing their own work across the world, and there are many different ways of connecting to the Divine. What they all have in common is connection to the Divine. Not being fully attached to any specific definition, I was very drawn to travel to Peru. In 2013, I met a powerful Shaman woman who described her spiritual experience as a Peruvian Shaman of the Qero tradition. I knew that she was the person that I needed to travel to Peru with. So, in 2014 I went there with a group of 19, where I was one of only three US citizens. The Qero Shamans were exactly the tradition I had been seeking. They lived in the mountains for over 500 years and then were guided to move out to share the wisdom they had attained during this time. What they discovered was a concept that they couldn’t begin to understand. That people across the world were fighting based on religious beliefs. Because to them we are all one! Oneness is what they know and believe and needed to share, and Oneness is what our diverse group represented. I have trained in this tradition ever since that powerful and amazing experience.

There are many different Shamanic traditions and many different people who called themselves Shamans. To me, the great honor I feel walking the path of a Shaman has changed me forever. The basic Qero Shamanic principles have always carried intense power. However, lately I am finding even more value embracing these principles and that there is a sense of Oneness as these values also fit a lot of other spiritual traditions that I am familiar with.

Non-attachment to outcome
Walking in beauty

These sound so simple, and I would really like to go into detail on each of these principles, as the depth in which love, peace, honor and respect for all life are woven together in this beautiful belief of Oneness that carries phenomenal power. Space in this article doesn’t allow me to fully explain. However, maybe if we can contemplate on the depth of these and a beautiful definition my friend Michelle Karen gave to us, we might all see a deeper meaning in life and see that embracing these principles could bring more peace and balance to our lives.

Shaman practices are also very different, as each person utilizes this work in their own way while following the basic ideals that have been brought forth over many centuries. Some Shamans practice specific ways and stay very traditional. Others weave in different modalities and practices that work well together. Nonetheless, for each of us, it is a way of being and a way of life that is focused on the highest good of all!

“Shamans are keepers of ancient wisdom, a traveler between worlds. A Shaman says “Yes” to life. Shamanism is a path of magic, Oneness, enlightenment, the connection to Mother Earth and all of nature. A Shaman utilizes the tools of nature, simplicity, seeing the truth, the answers to synchronicity in life and nature. Shamanism is a way to come home, to get our own answers. It is the entrance to our truth, our Self.” ~ Michelle Karen

Marilyn Eagen of Harmony Healthcare is owner of The Peace Place. She is a Shaman, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Energy Coach, Quantum Success Coach, Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire and Celestial Reiki. She uses an individualized and integrative approach in a spiritual and gentle way! Marilyn is available for one-on-one sessions (in office or phone), to teach classes, speak at your gathering, and for Shamanic clearings, journeys and ceremonies. She has many ways of assisting you to feel Joy and Peace in times of change!


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