From Wall Street to Wellness
An Interview with the Publisher of Yoga & Spa Magazine, Marguerite Striler

Marguerite Striler is the CEO of Y&S Media and Publisher of Yoga & Spa Magazine in St. Louis, MO. She has a dynamic personality that lights up the room when she speaks about her vision for Yoga & Spa Magazine and its future.

Striler was hosting a Bible study with twelve women on a hot summer morning in her home in Des Peres, MO, where she’s lived since 2013. When I arrived at 9:00 am, they were just wrapping up. She greeted me at the front door, hair pulled back and in shorts and sandals, looking like an active L.A. lady coming home from a walk on the beach.

As I waited, I stared at the large trees in her backyard and began to feel like I was in a tree house. It was the perfect setting for a relaxed interview.

Ed Katcher: Where did you grow up?
Marguerite Striler: I grew up in Spanish Lake, MO, surrounded by amazing neighbors and a few small vegetable farms that grew mostly corn and tomatoes (ironic, since we ate canned veggies for dinner). There were horses in the field out back of my house and a few lakes where my brothers would frog gig in the summer and the neighborhood kids would ice skate in the winter. I have fond memories of Ronnie and Sherry Miller’s house which is where my friends and I would go for candy and to see slideshows of their world travels. I’m guessing, they were the only folks in the neighborhood with a passport. It was fun. A fun place to grow up and just be a kid.

EK: Where is Spanish Lake?
MS: It’s in North County–north of St. Louis City. If you ride your bike about a mile from my childhood home, you’re at the Mississippi and Missouri River confluence. North County gets a bad rap, but it’s a beautiful area and in my opinion, a hidden gem.

EK: Where did you go from there?
MS: My parents moved from Spanish Lake to Chesterfield, MO, and I moved to New York City.
I was looking for a change and a little adventure. I found what I was looking for and stayed for 20 something years.

EK: What did you do for work while in New York?
MS: In short, I managed projects for large investment banks in Manhattan. The projects were primarily driven by changing regulatory rules or driven by a need to improve productivity, decrease operational cost and increase the bottom line.

EK: How did you go from investment banking to publishing?
MS: It was an easy transition. The two roles are actually quite similar. There’s a lot of stress in managing projects and deadlines in an intense environment like Wall Street. While there, I learned to survive and to thrive on the intensity. Publishing is similar in that there are tight deadlines, which creates a high level of stress at the office, and there’s the constant juggling of priorities in order to meet them.

EK: You seem energized by the work you’re doing at Y&S.
MS: What energizes me is working with my clients and helping them get their message out to the public. What excites me is when they tell me they’ve gotten five new clients from a new ad campaign. I also love the creative side of publishing. The writing, the photography, the layout… it’s endless! I get the privilege of working with some of the best creatives in town!

EK: What is your vision for Yoga & Spa Magazine?
MS: Yoga & Spa Magazine is a high-quality publication with informative and inspirational articles that promote healthy lifestyles. We’re going to continue to build on that by creating a high gloss magazine cover that readers will want to display on their coffee table to reference at their leisure. We’re going to expand on the content to include fun recipes in the Food for Thought section and an advice column from a local veterinarian about pet health. My vision is to broaden readership by adding more quality and relevant editorial content. Yoga exercise and wellness information, both physical and mental, are cutting edge needs with a demographic hungry for new approaches to a sustainable high-quality lifestyle. That’s all I’m going to share for now.

EK: Why do you think the magazine content should be expanded?
MS: The demographics of the United States have changed. The U.S. population is living longer and spending more time in retirement. They are well-read, college-educated individuals that want cutting-edge information on longterm sustainable health and wellness solutions. They don’t want to read about the latest pharma drug with side affects that (if allergic) could kill you. Really? How do you know you’re allergic until you take it? Bottom line, we’ve become an overmedicated society. It’s an issue and I want to help change that.

EK: Are you opposed to prescription drugs?
MS: I’m not against prescription drugs, but I am against pharmaceutical companies promoting drugs directly to consumers. I believe the decision about prescription medication should be left to the doctors, not consumers. Did you know that only two countries in the world permit direct (Pharmaceutical to Consumer) drug advertising? — the U.S. and New Zealand. Every other nation believes it’s unwise and irresponsible and I agree with them.

EK: With your career achievements you obviously had other opportunities. Why did you pick Yoga & Spa for your next career step?
MS: The need for a publication that editorially addresses new and significant health and wellness issues has never been stronger. It is almost like a revolution demanding new and better ways to address wellness. There has never been a better time to create a dynamic publication that spreads the word about alternative methods that enhance physical, emotional, and mental health.

Marguerite is married to Rich Striler, owner of The Striler Group. She has three adult step children – Jamie, Jess and Joe, plus an old dog named Blue. She maintains an active lifestyle and is involved with The Ed & Norine Scholarship Fund, Angels Arms and The Revelop Institute.

Marguerite Striler, Publisher

Interview by Dr. Ed Katcher, Motivational Speaker and Educational Consultant