The Ayurvedic Practice of Drinking Water from Copper Vessels

Copper is considered one of the oldest metals known to mankind. It also happens to be an element that can offer various health benefits to the body. As such, copper has been widely used for many medicinal purposes for thousands of years. One of the easiest ways to reap the health benefits of copper is by drinking water from a vessel made of copper, such as a copper water bottle. While the practice of using copper as a water vessel originated in India as an ancient Ayurvedic practice, it has also found support in various recent studies.

Why Store Water in a Copper Vessel?

Copper is one of the most important minerals required by the body. Unfortunately, our bodies do not have the ability to naturally synthesize copper, which means that we need to rely on external sources. Luckily, we can easily and safely consume the necessary amount of copper through our drinking water.

To reap the health benefits of a copper vessel, the water needs to be stored in the copper vessel overnight or for no less than eight hours. During this process, small amounts of copper ions are absorbed into the water. This causes the water stored in the copper vessel to become natural alkaline water. In addition, the water in the copper vessel becomes sterilized and rid of harmful elements such as microbes, bacteria and fungi. Additionally, safe levels of copper dissolve into the water which, when consumed, are beneficial to the body.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Vessels

Drinking water stored in a copper vessel is one of the most popular Ayurvedic practices. It is recommended that one drinks a copper-charged glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal benefits. Listed below are a few of the specific health benefits associated with drinking water stored in a copper vessel.

1. Helps Strengthen the Immune System
Our lifestyle and what we consume on a daily basis greatly affects our body’s responses to the harmful bacterias and viruses that surround us. Healthy choices can do our immunity good, while unhealthy ones can take a toll on our immune system’s reactions. The good news is that adding copper-charged water to your hydrating routine can positively affect your body’s immune system.

Research studies have shown that adequate amounts of copper are necessary for proper immune system functioning. In fact, one study found that low levels of copper can result in a clinical condition caused by an abnormally low count of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are vital in fighting off harmful microorganisms that enter the body. Thus, a person with insufficient amounts of copper is more likely to acquire or develop an infectious disease.

2. Helps Improve Skin Appearance and Health
Copper has also been used for hundreds of years to help eliminate impurities from the skin. Today, modern scientific discoveries have further demonstrated copper’s benefits to the skin, so it is no wonder that many skincare products include this element as one of their ingredients.

One recent study explored the role of copper in developing collagen and elastin. In this study, three groups of older women were asked to apply a copper cream, vitamin C cream and retinoic acid to their thighs for one month. Results indicated a significantly higher improvement in the skin of the group that used the copper cream. In particular, 70% of the women who used the copper cream showed improvement, as compared to 50% of the vitamin C group and only 40% of the retinoic acid group.

3. Helps Stimulate and Improve Brain Function
Drinking water from a copper vessel can also help improve cognition and brain function. Copper is known to assist in the synthesizing of phospholipids, which are in turn necessary for the development of myelin, which is essential for the proper functioning of the brain. In addition, recent studies have shown that a lack of copper intake may result in poor performance of certain cognitive functions such as creativity, memory, and decision-making, as well as a poor mood and general feelings of sadness.

Copper is one of the few trace minerals vital to human health, and is also one of the hardest to supplement by diet. Not only can copper water vessels sterilize and positively charge your water, but they are also a great way to enjoy various health benefits.

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