Find Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Happiness and Health on Your Next Vacation
By Cheri Keller

People take vacations for many reasons. However, there has been a shift away from travel where people return home feeling like they need a vacation from the vacation to getaways that focus on rejuvenation, health and wellness. To achieve this, some travelers dream of engaging in active experiences such as hiking, cycling or paddling. Others may yearn for a restorative retreat while some may simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they are away.

Adelman Vacation’s Cheri Keller, a travel professional for more than 30 years who has experienced many different types of trips and destinations around the world, has embraced the wellness travel trend. “A healthy lifestyle has always been important to me, so it was a natural progression to become certified by the Travel Institute as a Wellness Specialist concentrating on travel experiences that cater to the mind, body and soul,” Cheri explains.

Besides attaining this specialized training, Cheri has personally experienced a variety of wellness focused resorts. “Every fall, I take a group on a spa retreat and each time I experience something that changes my life!” Cheri exclaims. She particularly enjoyed visits to the Canyon Ranch properties in Tucson and Lenox, Massachusetts. Each Canyon resort offers beautiful grounds along with an extensive menu of activities and classes, including outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, creative arts, nutritional counseling and mind-body training. Guests can also take advantage of medical services, spiritual wellness opportunities and spa treatments.

Cheri participated in many activities while at Canyon Ranch, including aerial yoga, on-land surfing and canoeing. After a busy day, she often chose to unwind with spa treatments including Ashiatsu, which is a deep barefoot massage.

Cheri also immersed herself in the Life in Balance experience at Miraval Resort & Spa, located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. “As soon as you arrive, you unplug from your cell phone and become more present, aware and connected to your mind, body and spirit.” Cheri had a wealth of interesting activities to pick from, including Body Renewal Rituals, Eastern Modalities and Massage Therapies along with equine experiences, outdoor adventure challenges and a variety of classes, including several types of yoga.

Besides specialized resorts that focus on a complete wellness experience, hotels and cruise lines are introducing their own wellness programs to complement more traditional offerings. Cheri notes, for example, “Seabourn Cruises has teamed with Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, to provide the firstever wellness program at sea. Mindful Living Coaches will educate and inspire cruisers with special seminars and classes.” Cheri will be sailing with Seabourn this fall on a cruise to the Pacific Gold Coast.

Vacations should bring happiness, rejuvenation and peace of mind. A wellness vacation may be just the ticket.

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