Healthy Skin Is Youthful Skin
from Write Your Skin – a Prescription For Change by Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields

Skin ages in two ways: Intrinsically and extrinsically. Intrinsic, biologic aging includes factors such as genetics, ethnicity, and overall health state. This type of aging accounts for only 20% or so of the visible aging process, much of which is under your control. So, even if you didn’t inherit a fabulous complexion, great skin has more to do with what you do to it rather than what you’ve been given.

On the other hand, extrinsic, environmental aging accounts for a whopping 80% of your appearance and is greatly under your control!

This type of aging includes factors such as:
• Sunlight
• Smoking
• Amount of sleep and sleep positions
• Diet and dieting
• Exercise
• Climate
• Alcohol
• Facial expressions

You can reverse many of the most common signs of aging and take control of your skin. All it takes is the right attitude and, of course, a combination of products, ingredients, treatments, and lifestyle changes.

We’re all aging all the time. It’s what we decide to do about it that matters.

Skin… it’s a beautiful thing. Wear it well!

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