FemTouch Consultation with Synergi MedSpa

Ginnie: Hi, my name is Ginnie. I’m a registered nurse here at Synergi MedSpa.

Sarah: Hello, my name is Sarah.

G: I hear you are interested in our FemTouch treatment. To give you a little background, my co-worker at Synergi, Tonya Pollak, RN, CANS and I both perform the FemTouch procedure. We each have over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry as well as extensive experience in female wellness. So what questions can I answer for you?

S: I have a friend who recently had FemTouch, but I felt embarrassed to ask her if it might help some of my issues. You see, I have to intentionally control my laughter because there is always a consequence. I tend to have leakage, and that is primarily why I’m here.

G: You are not alone. Many women experience incontinence. Have you had children? If so was it a vaginal birth, or a c-section?

S: I have had one vaginal birth.

G: It is common to experience incontinence after child birth. Are you also experiencing any discomfort with intercourse? If you are having dryness or pain associated with intercourse, it is called dispernia, and it is also quite common.

S: It’s not too bad, but not as pleasurable as it once was.

G: Thank you for your openness, it allows us to honestly discuss how the FemTouch treatment could help you. Technically speaking, FemTouch is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non surgical, laser vaginal procedure that stimulates new collagen production, for healthier tissue. Just like many of the facial collagen stimulating treatments we offer, by triggering collagen production, new tissue growth is enabled through this non-hormonal procedure. The new tissue is firmer, making it feel younger and increasing natural moisture. For leakage or incontinence specifically, the procedure helps by tightening and strengthening the tissue around the urethra, meaning fewer accidents. Overall, FemTouch will increase moisture, create firmness, and make intercourse more pleasurable.

S: Well, that sounds so much better and I’m sure my husband would agree.

G: The first three days there will need to be pelvic rest, but after that it will increase sensation for both of you, making intercourse more pleasurable.

S: Will I experience pain with this procedure?

G: You may experience a minor heat sensation during the treatment but it is very gentle and you should not feel uncomfortable.

S: How many treatments will I need?

G: We recommend a series of three for optimal results. FemTouch treatments are cumulative and make the vaginal tissue thicker and stronger each time. A majority of women have achieved the result they were looking for with this three-treatment series.

S: Do some people require more than three treatments?

G: We have treated some cancer survivors that required up to seven or eight. But their situation is different as they tend to have much more vaginal dryness. Their bodies don’t respond as quickly because they don’t have the natural hormones found in healthy tissue.

S: Who typically receives the treatment… younger women or those going through menopause?

G: We have treated all ages. Perimenopausal women, menopausal women and even young mothers who have recently had children. We’ve had positive feedback from women of all ages.

S: Thank you, Ginnie, for making me feel comfortable and reassuring me that I’m not alone in my symptoms. I’d like to schedule a time for my first FemTouch treatment.

Ginnie Grimm, RN, National Injection Trainer with Galderma
Tonya Pollak, RN, CANS, National Injection Trainer with Allergan

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