The World’s Smartest Workout

What if fitness worked out for you? The “Just Get Moving” message just hasn’t worked out and 21st century fitness professionals and successful health transformers, no longer view minutes of movement as the metric to watch. People are too busy for time-consuming activity based programs and over the last decade the focus has shifted onto strength-based exercise. Researchers have demonstrated that muscle quality is a primary marker of fitness and healthy aging. Muscle quality is a leading indicator of the health of every system of the body including the neurological, skeletal, hormonal, cardiovascular, metabolic and immune systems. The Smart20™ workout is based on muscle fiber physiology and the key to deep muscle fiber activation is achieving the right intensity of effort.

Our Coaches use advanced technologies to measure the unique muscular ability of each of our clients. Every one-on-one workout is energized by both a coach and motivating real-time digital feedback. Our safe and efficient workout activates more muscle fibers than conventional exercise by focusing on both concentric and eccentric loading. We are able to activate more muscle fibers than with conventional exercise.

Our world-leading training technologies power workouts that are strong enough for elite athletes and smart enough for the not-yet-so-fit. Our clients are able to connect to each workout with digital feedback that gives them complete access to all their exercise history. Strength has been called the primary marker of health and fitness and our connected methodology features the most accurate and informative personal strength tests in the fitness industry.

Brian Cygan, Founder and CEO of The Exercise Coach® has been developing and delivering high quality exercise programs, like his Smart20™ Workout for over 16 years. Through his life-long study of exercise physiology and training methods, he has discovered that brief, focused exercise is the most effective way to achieve strength, weight loss and overall wellness. This is part of his “integration strategy,” which works for people who are “interested in getting fit without becoming fitness fanatics.”

The Exercise Coach®, founded in 2000, has been named among The Top Emerging Franchises for the second year in a row by Franchise Business Review and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and USA Today.

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