Prepare, Repair & Recover

Dr Ed Ernstrom has been treating athletes and everyday people for the better part of the last 16 years. Although he is a chiropractor by trade; his focus is his office is to Prepare, Repair, and Recover the human frame due to physical activity. Between Aspen Laser Therapy, RockTape, RockBlades, and Chiropractic he accomplishes these tasks.


Aspen Laser Therapy aids in physical activity preparation. The energy of the laser beam catalyzes the cells to make more energy from the inside out. This energy produced with this treatment is great to prepare muscles and joints, increase oxygenated blood to the area, and reduce inflammation before physical activity.

RockTape works great to prepare your muscles, joints, and nerves for activity. When RockTape is applied correctly, the skin is lifted to decompress your blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and local nerves. This allows for increased circulation and better nerve conduction. RockTape can be applied directly before activity. However, the best results are 2 or more hours ahead of activity.

RockBlades are a new IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools that came out in the summer of 2016. These tools are used to free the muscles from adhesions/scar tissue and trigger points. This freedom will allow for increased movability, circulation, and reduced pain during activity.

Chiropractic care will prepare the frame and skeletal system for activity. On regular occasion, our in joints may become stuck due to over or under use. Many times we may try to stretch and maybe even self-adjust ourselves. The joints that lack motion will cause compensation problems usually causing dysfunctional movement patterns. The chiropractic adjust will open up the restricted joints to allow proper motion throughout the skeletal system.


Aspen Laser Therapy accelerates tissue healing. Whether you sprained an ankle, have a torn muscle or overcoming surgery; the laser speeds up the process of healing. The cells will have more energy available to regenerate, protein production, and increase blood supply for nutrient delivery.

RockTape, RockBlades and Chiropractic will help keep the circulation free to the injury and prevent dysfunctional movement while the body is attempting to heal itself.


Aspen Laser Therapy will remove imflammation and lactic acid after physical activity. Waste products in and out of muscles usually stay in the area after activity. Our lymphatic system is responsible to remove these chemical. The laser will open up the lymphatic system sparking the removal of these chemicals by sucking them out of the region. As well as removing waste from the area, blood circulation will open up, supplying my nutrients, oxygen, and hydration for energy recovery.

RockTape keeps the blood vessels and lymphatics decompressed.  By decompressing these vessels, the removal of waste chemicals and the import of nutrients, oxygen and hydration are improved over time. RockTape can be worn for days on end. RockBlades and Chiropractic allow for motion and circulation to continue after physical activity.

Whichever physical needs are, you can contact Ernstrom Spinal Rehab and Dr Ernstrom will help get you to your physical goals.

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