Latest in Skin Tech
By Donna Lesniak, RN

A specialized and unique experience is now available in the St. Louis area of helping individuals get healthy from the inside to the outside and then beautify the skin on the outside! They have amazing treatments for body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, permanent hair removal, aging spots, acne and stretch mark scarring removal, a nutritional cleansing line and pharmaceutical skin care products with Stem Cell Therapy to help their clients look and feel their absolute best!  To make sure they provide you with the best care, they start with a free consultation. They also offer complimentary wellness coaching with a huge support system. Some of the treatments are mobile, so they can go to you as well!

Donna Lesniak, RN, Mary Ann Kuehl and Julie Funke are the founders of Aesthetics Medics STL. They are located in Meche Salon, a quaint Brentwood hair salon located at  8943 Manchester Rd.

All three owners are fitness enthusiast and teach a variety of classes.  Julie is the proud co-owner of St. Louis Spinning also located in Brentwood.  She is now certified in Thai Massage and will be incorporating that in our salon.    

Here are three of the latest technologies in skin esthetics, FDA approved for facial and body treatments:

Venus VivaTM is a revolutionary, fully customizable solution for facial resurfacing. It helps decrease visible pores, reduces signs of aging, evens out textural irregularities, reduces acne scars, diminishes deep lines and folds, corrects neck lines and tightens lax skin.

The Venus LegacyTM treatments delivers 100% safe, painless treatments for all skin types and provides the following immediate and long term results for the face, neck and body: non-surgical body contouring, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, circumferential reduction and skin tightening.

The Venus VersaTM is a powerful, non-invasive intense pulsed light treatment that reverses the signs of the greatest cause of premature aging…the sun. It helps the embarrassing brown spots on your face, hands, chest or any area that remains uncovered that ultraviolet (UV) rays that are responsible for. It is also the first IPL that is safe for dark skin permanent hair removal.

It is the perfect time to start on an IPL series, call them today to get started!

Aesthetic Medics STL | 314-517-8765 | 8943 Manchester Rd. |