Escape To Mexico!

By Mary Lou Fitzsimmons

How would you like to go to a wellness weekend at a Five Diamond resort in Puerto Vallarta Gratis? Oh yes-I would! This question was posed to me by Stacy Hunsicker, the Publisher of Yoga and Spa Magazine. It’s always a good idea to keep an open mind when you’re around Stacy-FUN things happen!

The destination spa was at the Grand Velas in Puerto Vallarta. It is a five diamond spa with all the amenities located on the Pacific ocean. We arrived at the enormous and gorgeous entry foyer which showcased the outdoor theme of Mexico’s way of life. As I was absorbing all this beauty, a staff member arrived carrying fresh squeezed juice. While I was sitting in the lobby awaiting my room arrangements, a spa attendant began massaging my neck and shoulders. This was in the first ten minutes!

I was escorted to my wellness suite which included a king sized bed, coffee bar, spa shower with a separate vitamin C, and a balcony overlooking the ocean. On the second level a covered balcony offered a huge Jacuzzi and massage table. The wellness suites have their own concierge who attends to all requests from 24 hour room service to custom made soaps and lotions.

On day 2, a personal trainer arrived in my room for a one hour session which included a spinning bike and free weights. Just walking through the beautiful hotel property with the ocean breeze, plants and flowers made me feel like I was losing weight-which I did over four days of pamper, pamper, and a little more pamper.

After my training session, I went to a gentle yoga pilates class on the beach. We meditated, breathed and stretched into a state of peace and energy. Following class several of us walked to the beach side open restaurant for a healthy and plentiful breakfast.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Should I swim in one of the three infinity pools? Should I take a nap? Should I get a deep tissue massage? This wellness treatment was the best brain turn off I’ve had in years!

Dinner anyone? Have I mentioned the three gourmet restaurants? Each night I had a choice of a different cuisine. First night we dined in The French restaurant, and the following evenings Italian and Mexican. They were sophisticated and mucho delicioso! The resort was introducing new vegan and vegetarian options designed for the different cuisines. The entrees and service were superb in all respects.

One evening a famous vegan chef, who writes for The Huffington Post, led us in a cooking class. We created many mouth watering dishes with her guidance. She gave me a new way of thinking about sustainable living. What is good for the planet is good for people, animals and plants!

As the weekend progressed, I alternated with hydrotherapy, exercise, massage and yoga. What a combination! A cleanse from the inside out. Thursday to Sunday-yoga every morning, fine dining every night.

I returned home a new woman! I was refreshed, rejuvenated and grateful for my time at Grand Velas! I was especially grateful for the devoted and professional staff at the resort, grateful for creation of this gorgeous world, and grateful to find a place like Grand Velas. I plan to return in the new year! Buenos Tardes Amigas!

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