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By Becca Van Ess


Personalized Protein Shakes. Gainful was born from a simple realization — more money is spent on telling people how they should look than on helping people reach their goals. Gainful takes into account your body type and fitness goals before formulating a personalized protein blend. Complete a short quiz at to discover the exact ingredients that are right for you.

Website: | Email: | Instagram: @gainful


MIRROR is revolutionizing the at-home fitness space with the first connected fitness system to bring the boutique studio experience in-home. Its sleek, responsive display and best-in-class content create an immersive fitness experience, with live and on-demand group classes or one-on-one training sessions available across a variety of genres. MIRROR was founded by Harvard grad Brynn Putnam, creator of Refine Method, named “New York’s Smartest Workout.” MIRROR is headquartered in New York City.

Website: | Instagram: @getthemirror


Eco-Friendly Yoga Sandals. Designed for versatility and fashion, Nalho sandals are inspired by the beauty and harmony of yoga and are both comfortable and stylish, while also being eco-friendly and low maintenance. Nalho’s form-fitting memory foam design helps to ease pressure from the ball of the foot and absorb heel shock as well as provide arch support, preventing any sort of discomfort and pain (for both the short-term and long-term).

Website: | Instagram: @nalho

Seed Phytonutrients

Organic Based Hair, Skin & Body Products. Seed Phytonutrients is a natural body care line for hair, skin and deeply rooted in sustainability and healthy living. Seed prides itself on its support of organic farmers and its preservation of seed diversity. They’ve successfully created the first-ever, shower-safe paper bottle made from 100% postconsumer recycled paper containing 60% less plastic than a traditional bottle. Product available for purchase at Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Website: | Instagram: @seedphytonutrients