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By Becca Van Ess




AREBESK Phish Net grip socks are flying off shelves across the US. Customers are raving about our unique fish netting design. Arebesk has larger half circle grippers under the sock (to help with better traction) and each pair includes our patent pending carrying / wash bag to help with hygiene and storage. Never lose your socks again! Comes in 4 colors on our website and in studios.

Website: | Instagram: @arebeskusa


Free Label

Free Label is an ethical clothing brand with a strong emphasis on elevated (and flattering) essentials. All garments are manufactured thoughtfully in North America by people being paid fair wages and working in safe environments. All fabrics are chosen carefully for their sustainable qualities, as well as for durability and ease. Free Label believes that when we choose high quality and versatile pieces, we need much less. #buylessbutbetter

Website: | Instagram: @free.label



Ritual identified the 9 most essential nutrients for women’s health backed by the latest data, then we sourced the most effective forms of those nutrients that actually work in the body, and finally we created a balanced product that provides only the amounts that are needed for optimal health. Our pill is not just good looking, it’s backed by much better science than the standard technicolor tablet. We use beadlet-in-oil technology that allows us to keep nutrients in their original forms and closer to what’s found in our food. Ritual practices true transparency. On our site, we invite our customers to trace each and every ingredient back to its origin. You can see what we use, where we got it, and why we chose to include it. Our ingredients are the best in the world, which means they can be pricey. But lucky for you, you have us on your side. Purchased individually, the nutrients in our Essential for Women would be 5x the cost. But, by eliminating the middle-man and selling direct to you, we’re able to make the highest quality ingredients accessible to everyone.

Website: | Instagram: @ritual


Under Luna

Under Luna is a holistic line of handcrafted hair products created by Carly Castillo. Based in Oceanside, California everything is made in small batches with the highest quality of 100% natural ingredients. By stripping down the modern day shampoo and conditioner recipes and building them back up with the teachings of Native American and Ayurveda cultures, their hair rituals, remedies, use of herbs, plants, roots, flowers, etc., Under Luna was born. These products provide a harmonious balance of herbs, flowers, bark and roots that together create powerful nutrients for the hair and yes the shampoos still lather! Each product has it’s own unique and nurturing aromatherapy experience due to the lovely essential oils.

Our non-toxic and gentle formulas do not strip you of your natural oils but rather reinvigorate and restore the oils that you need in order to get your hair and scalp back to a balanced, strong and thriving state. We provide a completely natural and powerful remedy for everyone, from newborn to adults, for dry irritated scalps to oily hair.

Website: | Instagram: @under_luna