The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Bone and Muscle Performance Everybody Is Talking About

The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Bone and Muscle Performance Everybody Is Talking About

The Revolutionary Breakthrough in Bone and Muscle Performance Everybody Is Talking About

“I originally designed these devices to help my mother with her osteoporosis, and she now is in her 80s with healthy bone density. It is one of the first physical medicine products where you can take a high performance athlete, or a deconditioned elderly person – that’s the whole spectrum – and massively affect their physical performance, whether they’re carrying groceries or breaking a world record.” -Dr. John Jaquish, PhD

The Importance of Bones
Bones are more important than you may think! From our head to our toes, bones provide support for our bodies and help form our shape. They perform critical functions for the human body including facilitating movement, producing blood cells, storing and releasing minerals and fat, and protecting internal organs. Without a skeleton, you wouldn’t be able to move at all!

Bones and Muscles Work Together
The central nervous system will not allow muscles to be stronger than bones can handle. This means no matter how much you work out, you will eventually plateau unless you trigger new bone tissue growth.

OsteoStrong offers a new technology that triggers new bone and muscle tissue growth, therefore increasing the strength of your skeletal frame. Joints are also positively affected due to the thickening of tendons and ligaments, often reducing or eliminating joint and back pain.

Sessions are Simple
Our sessions take less than ten minutes! No special clothing is required, and you won’t even break a sweat. Whether you are looking for improvement in bone strength because of osteopenia/ osteoporosis, or you’re an athlete wanting an edge on your competition, OsteoStrong can improve your physical performance in ways you never thought possible, at almost any age (8yrs – 92yrs)!

OsteoStrong Benefits May Include:
-Improved Bone Density
-Less Joint and Back Pain
-Improved Balance
-Improved Posture
-Better Athletic Performance, at any level.
-Better Agility


“My doctor recommended OsteoStrong to me after I started experiencing side effects from osteoporosis medication. After learning there was also a benefit for muscles (myofibrils), tendons and ligaments, I decided to have my daughter join with me. Megan was diagnosed with hypotonic muscles as a baby that caused a lack of muscle tone and a significant muscle nerve delay which impacts her reflexes. Poor reflexes have limited her driving capabilities, but after 10 months of OsteoStrong, at age 23, Megan is able to drive by herself and has her own car! I know I’m strengthening MY bones, but Megan’s results are a dream that we never thought would become reality! Thank you OsteoStrong!” -Jana – 54, Megan – 23, members since Feb. ‘18


“I started OsteoStrong to see what it would do for my lifts at the gym. The week before OsteoStrong, I did 4X8 of 620 lbs. on leg press, and 4X8 of 365 lbs. on hack squat. Two weeks after starting OsteoStrong I was able to do 4X8 of 800 lbs., and 4X8 of 500lbs, respectively!” –Colt – 27, member since July ‘18


“Ten years ago I discovered that I had osteoporosis in my spine. I chose to monitor it and took no injections. Every year, my scans showed no significant changes. I decided to try Osteostrong in 2016. After five months, I had another scan and again had no significant change. But after 22 months of Osteostrong, I had another scan and my spine density increased 8.8%! I now have osteopenia instead of osteoporosis. I was shocked and pleased, as was my doctor. My doctor asked what I was doing differently and I told her that I had been going to Osteostrong…I couldn’t be happier with my results or with Osteostrong!” –Patty – 62, member since September ‘16


“I had total knee replacement 4 years ago brought on by a lifetime of competitive golf and tennis. I noticed that my “good” knee was tiring out after 16 holes and I was contemplating another knee replacement. After joining OsteoStrong, I no longer feel that way – 18 holes is not a challenge anymore and my “good knee” is holding up better than ever. I would recommend OsteoStrong to anyone!” -Dennis, member since July ‘18


“As an athlete, OsteoStrong has changed the way that my body performs. In as little as a month, I noticed a major decrease in back pain that I’ve had for years AND I’ve broken several personal records! It’s made rowing more comfortable and enjoyable in all aspects!” –Lauren – 18, Rowing Team, member since Aug. ‘18


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