Your Own Internal Fountain of Youth

Your Own Internal Fountain of Youth

Your Own Internal Fountain of Youth
A Chat With the PRP Experts

In 2009, Dr. Jacques Otto, practicing Cosmetic Medicine at the Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic in London, published his findings for Dermatologic and Volumetric Rejuvenation of the face utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP had been utilized in the Orthopedic arena for a number of years, but in 2009 it was new to the cosmetic world.

As we age, each cell in our body ages. That aging process means the normal cellular activity of regeneration slows down. Our cells need to be reminded to keep a tempo consistent with youth in order to maintain a youthful state. One (1) application of PRP annually will provide your face and body with a healthy base for all other treatments to build upon and multiple treatments will correct and restore the treated area – naturally.

What is PRP?
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an autologous source of restoration — your own internal fountain of youth — its benefits now being applied to dermatology, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, and rejuvenation of both female and male sexual organs. Platelets are a very small but complex component of the blood. When applied to open skin or injected into strategic locations, the platelets serve as mediators of a variety of growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines which in turn stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, new cells, and the activation of hair follicles resulting in restoration of the treated area.

PRP for Facial Rejuvenation
PRP works well for fine and deep lines, acne or other scarring, and the regeneration of volume loss. PRP causes collagen and elastin production, but that is not all. Collagen is thought of as the mortar between the bricks. PRP will generate new bricks — or new cells of skin or fat (necessary for volume) — as well as replace the mortar. The outcome is dependent on the “PRP savoir faire” of the professional performing the services, the concentration of the PRP, the health condition of the one being treated, and the application. PRP is a source for teaching your skin to “remember and rebuild”.

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