Living the Vibrant Life

Living the Vibrant Life

Living the Vibrant Life
By Joseph A. Muccini, M.D.

Truly, living a vibrant life starts with simplicity. When it comes to appearance, try to focus on one small thing that would increase confidence. Maybe it’s newly appearing ‘worry’ lines, or a dull surface to one’s face, or the recent emergence of a resting expression that hides the happy and vibrant person inside. There are inexpensive little things that can help us represent ourselves outwardly in a way more aligned with how we feel inwardly. Less involved procedures such as dermaplaning, Botox, or a even fillers can help while not “breaking the bank.” As with any small step, these procedures are not about perfection or going for a twenty years younger change in appearance. Rather, the focus is on improvement.

We just enjoyed a wonderful (probably hectic) holiday season, where there was a lot of planning, rushing, making sure everyone meaningful to us was taken care of, and attending to year-end details. But now we are facing a new year, passing through a season of frenzy followed by cold and hunkering down, flirting with resolutions, self-reflection, and reevaluating ourselves in the coming months.

Someone once said the hardest thing about making an end is making the beginning. Why not make small goals we can meet and build on them, instead of starting out with such a tough resolution that we are sure to be disappointed? Living a vibrant life connotes to us a positively alive life, energized and feeling good about ourselves. The ‘vibrancy’ implies good vibrations, not just being felt by us, but emanating from us. And if we vibrate positively, it is easy to build upon this.

Positive feelings create additional positive feelings, and they make us feel confidant, more energized, and more effective. Being happy with ourselves, not in an overweening or narcissistic way, but in a contented way, creates deep personal satisfaction and confidence, even as we strive to continuously improve ourselves. This not only plays a role in our own experience of happiness and positivity, but it also makes us the kind of people others want to be around.

So what small steps can we take to feel more vibrant and more positively alive? Make simple moves. Do one small random act of kindness a week for someone who does not expect it. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Don’t we feel, and share, pleasure from such an act? It’s contagious!

For those of us contemplating a healthier diet and lifestyle, perhaps resolve to eat fewer carbs. Start with cutting out one thing you can do without for a week, like bread, and see how it feels after that diminutive change. Or walk around the store an extra time through the aisles when doing life’s necessary shopping to get in some extra steps. We don’t need to run a marathon to improve our health!

We are best served by choosing those steps, however small, that move us in the right direction and make us more satisfied with ourselves. Believe it. And others will catch that vibe when they see us too. Adding up small things is not just about making us look better to ourselves or to anyone else. It’s not just about how we look. It is about how we feel and how we are. That is a living a vibrant life.

Dr. Joseph A. Muccini is a Harvard- and Columbia trained, board-certified dermatologist with more than 20 years of experience in medical and surgical dermatology. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American Medical Association, Missouri Dermatological Society and St. Louis Dermatological Society, where he has served as president.

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