Multitasking for Self-Health

Multitasking for Self-Health

Multitasking for Self-Health
By Traci Coughran

Life Can Overwhelm You if You Let it
Life is busy. I am sure many of you know the feeling of not having enough hours in a day to accomplish all you need to do. Finding time to take care of yourself in addition to all of your other responsibilities often seems overwhelming and impossible.

I understand being busy. I have two full-time jobs that often both require overtime. I am also a wife and mother to three teenagers. Juggling all of life’s daily responsibilities and emotions takes a toll on my body and often leaves me feeling as if there is no time to breathe. (Sound familiar?)

One of my full-time jobs is owner of Feel Good Infrared, an infrared sauna studio. Using infrared saunas, I personally have experienced pain relief, muscle tension relief, stress reduction, and skin improvements. It is my go-to place when I need to heal myself. I usually spend 40 minutes in the sauna and multitask during this time by letting the sauna do great things for my body while I focusing on my mental health.

Infrared Saunas Help You Use Time to the Fullest
Today, I spent my first 20 minutes in the infrared sauna just sort of zoning out. I turned on a Naturescape and watched the waves roll in on the screen in front of me while I felt the infrared warming me from the inside out. I just relaxed in a meditative state, feeling like I had escaped to the beach. Then the alarm I set went off. With my mind refreshed, I picked up a pencil and paper and wrote down my thoughts as efficiently as if I had just spent the last 20 minutes on a beach. I figured out a timeline for my weekend in which I would be able to accomplish all I needed to do. I left the sauna with my muscles relaxed, my body invigorated, and my mind at peace.

I highly recommend carving out at least a little of your sauna time for calmness. Even just five minutes of letting go and stilling the mind can be incredibly refreshing.

The saunas at Feel Good Infrared are equipped with computers and projection screens so you can watch our Naturescapes or log into your own content to view. This allows for endless options of both relaxation or productivity while you sauna, including:
• Watch an entertaining show or a Naturescape
• Watch something educational
• Stretch
• Listen to a podcast
• Sketch thoughts/plans on paper
• Prayer, meditation, or quiet thoughts and reflection
• Bring a friend for peaceful conversation

The Payoff
In addition to feeling both relaxed and invigorated, expect to leave the sauna knowing you just did something that will improve your cardiovascular system and boost your immune system. You may reap the benefits of reducing pain from inflammation, reducing toxins, and stimulating the mitochondria in your cells for days. You can leave the sauna Feeling Good about what you just accomplished and did for your body.

Traci Coughran, Owner
Feel Good Infrared
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Chesterfield, MO 63005