Give Yourself the Gift of Cleansing!

Give Yourself the Gift of Cleansing!

Give Yourself the Gift of Cleansing!
By Chris Marshall

With the holidays fast approaching, our thoughts turn to giving. But what do you give the person who has everything, even if that person is you?

May I suggest something that may not be on your list at this point – a cellular full-body cleanse. NOT a colon cleanse. Colon cleanses are all the rage. They sound like a great idea and you can definitely tell if your cleanse worked. At that point, you may wish it hadn’t!

Think about this with me: If you take in nutrients, they don’t stay in your colon… they travel throughout your body. If you take in toxins, from your food, the environment, and even what your skin absorbs (i.e., “everything”), they don’t stay in your colon either. A colon cleanse is only part of the picture.

Intermittent fasting is all over the news these days. Google has nearly 23 million articles on the topic. Here are some of the main benefits:
• Human growth hormone (HGH) levels skyrocket, leading to weight loss and muscle gain.
• Insulin sensitivity improves and insulin levels drop.
• Cellular repair is accelerated.
• Genes related to longevity and disease protection express themselves differently.

There are many ways to implement intermittent fasting, varying from eating only during an 8-hour period each day to fasting completely 1-2 days a week.

Isagenix has developed a proven variation called nutritionally supported intermittent fasting. The approach includes an herbal drink or small snack every hour during a cleanse day. Here are the advantages to this approach:
-The right herbal drink enhances the liver’s detox abilities.
-The small snacks keep blood sugar level and reduce the feeling of hunger.
-It’s easier to do a 2-day cleanse/intermittent fast than approaches with no nourishment.

Give yourself the gift of cleansing today! Many of the health benefits of intermittent fasting are found in government publications linked in this website article:


Chris Marshall is an independent associate and nutrition coach with Isagenix, a company that’s been providing clean, nutrient-dense food and nutritionally-supported cleansing nationwide since 2002. Contact Chris at 636-328-7147 or for more information.