What's YOUR Yoga?

What’s YOUR Yoga?

Come see these talented yogis at our Living Fit Expo on January 26th as they perform on an aerial rig doing silks, lyra (shown in middle photo) and much more.


Laura Lockton – RYT200 Yoga Teacher, certified AIReal Yoga teacher and aerial performer
Laura’s journey exploring body movement and the connection between mind, body and spirit began as a young dancer and gymnast. After many years of dance, she began studying yoga, natural healing, meditation and a variety of spiritual disciplines. In 2010, Laura discovered aerial dance, aerial yoga, flow arts/ fire dancing and partner acrobatics. In her own life, Laura has experienced an immense shift through aerial dance and yoga because these types of body movements have profound benefits beyond physical health. It is the holistic healing which creates joy, confidence and balance that fuels her passion for aerial arts and yoga. Her desire to create opportunities for others to experience this type of transformation led Laura to create ReKinection, a collaboration of yogis, guides, performers, musicians and artists. Working together, they’ve inspired others through empowerment with a focus on aerial & flow arts, yoga and holistic health.

Photo by Debby Siegel


Debby Siegel – MSA, RYT
A yogi for six years and teacher for two, at this stage in Debby’s yoga journey she finds herself drawn to the adventurous forms of yoga – aerial, acro and paddleboard to name a few. Aerial yoga delivers the therapeutic effects of spinal traction while hanging upside down. She recommends this highly. Debby found her aerial device, a suspended, circular steel apparatus resembling a hula hoop at a yoga festival during the 2017 eclipse. It was there that she began flowing between postures on the lyra – similar to a yoga flow – and has been doing so anytime she’s able to since.

Photo by Jamie Seed


Christine Kick – E-RYT500, AcroYoga International and Acro Revolution Teacher
Christine began practicing yoga in 2011. A year later, she discovered AcroYoga and Aerial Arts when she was enrolled in a yoga teacher training where she was encouraged to explore a variety of yoga styles and movement modalities. She found solitude on her mat, whereas aerial would consistently push her edge to new and exciting limits. In yoga, you stand and push against the ground, whereas in aerial, you pull, hang, and climb on an apparatus against the pull of gravity. On the Earth and in the sky, Christine finds balance in her movement practices. She knows that on the other side of overcoming any obstacle is a more empowered version of herself. According to Christine, it’s worth it just for the feeling of relief you get when your feet touch back down.

Photo by Debby Siegel