Now Is the Perfect Time for Personalized Skin Care

Now Is the Perfect Time for Personalized Skin Care

Now Is the Perfect Time for Personalized Skin Care
By Carol Anderson

Fall signifies a time of Harvest and a time for Winterization of the lawn, the house and the car. We take plants in, mulch around others, dig out, cut back, check and re-align the tires, change the closets and put up the fall door wreaths.

So, how do you WINTERIZE your skin care program? Fall is the short window of time between a plethora of summer activities and the Holiday party scene. This is IT! It is a great time for a consultation to design a Personal Treatment Plan to undo summer damage and prevent the dryness of the cold winter winds and blasting furnace fires.

The Personal part of the Treatment Plan means exactly that.

Often clients present saying, “My friend got THIS procedure and she looks 10 years younger. I want that too.” Personal means we are going to analyze the condition of your skin, how the aging process (even if you are 25, you are aging) is impacting the face – skeletal and soft tissue. Do you have a short forehead or a tall forehead, deep set eyes or small eyes with heavy lids, thin or full lips, dry, oily or combination skin… and the assessment goes on.

The treatment progression to achieve and maintain beautiful skin year-round almost always involves more than one treatment modality, more than one treatment per modality, and – time. Skin regenerates approximately every 27 days, so why does it take months to see this progress? Often, layers of change are required, and results are not always evident until the base has been strengthened. Every face starts at a different place and every body responds at a different rate, but every one can get the result.

The Professionals at Nouveau take all of this, plus your budget, social constraints and commitments, timeline and more into consideration when designing your Treatment Plan. Change is achievable for everyone. Consultations are just one short hour of time together and no charge.

Call us today for your personalized complementary consultation.

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