Indulge in Dance to Combat Those Holiday Pounds

Indulge in Dance to Combat Those Holiday Pounds

Indulge in Dance to Combat Those Holiday Pounds

“Choreographed movement is absolutely an aerobic workout, as it includes running, spinning, jumping and other movements that elevate the heart rate. The faster the movement, the more calories burned,” Alex Borodko, owner and operator of Majestic Dance Studio in Frontenac, explains. “At the same time, some forms of dance, such as couples dancing, include movements conducive to building muscle, giving you an anaerobic workout as well.”

Pick your holiday poison! something sweet? Eggnog, cookies, pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream? Or, are you a savory person? Dressing, gravy-covered turkey, buttery mashed potatoes? Better yet, maybe, from late November to early January, you indulge in it all, ensuring you satisfy every craving. So delicious and so easy to put on some extra weight. Consider this alone: the now ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Latte has just under 400 calories.

With food and drink temptations a large part of Holiday socializing, an uptick in exercise can prevent putting on the extra pounds, introduce better health habits and provide for a fun hobby. For an out-of-theordinary type of exercise, consider dancing under the instruction of a pro to ensure proper form and allow for the highest calorie burn and muscle build.

To keep those holiday pounds off, Borodko ranks these four dances as the biggest calorie burners:

Related to the jitterbug, this lively international latin style demands a lot of stamina, high energy and speed from a dancer to accommodate the fast tempo of the music.

This energetic, rhythmic dance of AfroBrazilian origin is characterized by simple forward and backward steps and tilting, rocking body movements. The Samba is danced to music in 4/4 time with syncopated rhythm.

Cha Cha
The Cha Cha is a true Latin dance, originating in Cuba where it evolved from the danzon, an older form of Cuban dance. The primary difference in the Cha Cha is the addition of a triple step that replaces the slow step in the Mambo/Rumba.

The Quickstep is the light-hearted form of the standard ballroom dances, with movements that are fast, powerfully flowing and sprinkled with syncopations. The upbeat melodies that accompany the Quickstep make it suitable for both formal and informal events.

Alex Borodko owns and operates Majestic Dance Studio with his wife Sara. Located in Frontenac at 10460 German Blvd, Majestic offers a wide variety of dance lessons for all skill levels – ballroom, salsa, Bachata, swing and more. The studio also offers yoga and other fitness classes. For more information visit or call 314-736-6414.

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