Radical Self-Acceptance and Intuitive Eating

Radical Self-Acceptance and Intuitive Eating

Radical Self-Acceptance and Intuitive Eating
By Beth Koritz, M.Ed., LPC

As fall is upon us and we begin thinking of the upcoming holidays, our thoughts often turn (once again) to how we feel about our bodies, and losing weight.

Do you find yourself contemplating which diet you will try this time? According to many large studies, 95% of diets fail, often resulting in more weight gain. Restriction can lead to binging, counting calories is a myth and living by our scale is a road to self-loathing. So what is the answer? How do we learn radical self-acceptance?

Radical self-acceptance is the act of loving ourselves for who we are as a person and not basing our self-worth on the number on our scale or the size on our clothing. Take stock of all of your qualities, make a list. Look it over and then challenge yourself to double the size of it. You have so many more great qualities than you realize!

Begin eating intuitively. Intuitive Eating is the practice of listening to your body. What is it telling you it needs for nutrition? Is it telling you that you are hungry? Then eat and listen for your body to tell you when it is full and then stop. It doesn’t matter what is left on your plate. Do you notice that you are eating when you aren’t hungry? Ask yourself why. If you are bored, find something else to occupy you. If you are sad or angry, acknowledge your feelings so you can work through them in a more productive way than eating a bag of chips.

Intuitive Eating is about being mindful, showing love and respect for your body. This in turn can reduce anxiety, depression, hormonal changes, and mood disorders while increasing self- acceptance, self- love, confidence and self-worth.

Radical self-acceptance — you are worthy of that and more!

Beth Koritz, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has additional certifications in Thought Field Therapy, Body Positive Psychology and Clinical Trauma. She is the owner of Koritz Counseling & Coaching in Webster Groves.

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