A Breast Friend Is Forever

A Breast Friend Is Forever

A Breast Friend Is Forever
By Chantelle Nickson-Clark

“We are sorry to inform you that you have breast cancer” are the words NaToscha Meeks received the day before Thanksgiving 2016. “I was shocked,” stated Meeks. Those are words no woman wants to hear. As she attempted to suppress the devastating news she’d received, instead of celebrating Thanksgiving as many others were doing, she often found herself in a daze wondering if her diagnosis was a death sentence.

Meeks is no stranger to breast cancer, her mother was diagnosed at the early age of twenty-one. She witnessed the matriarch of her family experience several recurrences of breast cancer before passing away eleven years later. “I was nine when I lost my best friend,” Meeks reminisces. “My mother was a great exemplar at giving cancer a run for its money! I knew I could defeat breast cancer from the morals instilled in my DNA. Breast Cancer is just a diagnosis, not a death sentence,” she boldly confessed. “I look at where I am today versus last year. It was stormy for me then but, I realized rain doesn’t last forever. I was determined to not give up, surrounded myself with positivity, great friends and family.” She adopted a positive attitude as well, telling herself “You’re a diamond, this will not break you,” Meeks shares with confidence.

Written in honor of the taken, admired by survivors, and supporting the fighters.

Today, everyone is at risk of breast cancer. We can change that! Take action! Early detection saves lives.

Join The Pink Angels Foundation “Breast Friends are Forever” Campaign. To make a donation to this worthy cause please visit www.pinkangelsfoundation.org

Author: Chantelle Nickson-Clark
Model: NaToscha Meeks
Crown: Vauje Jewels
Coordinator: Charlene Williams
Photographer: Clarence Sumlin
Hair: KRK Medical Solutions
Makeup: Glamorqueen
Stylist: Tamala Michelle @ Femme Fatale’