Looking Good & Feeling Great Starts from Within

Looking Good & Feeling Great Starts from Within

Looking Good & Feeling Great Starts from Within
By Maria Lambert

Shopping for undergarments is a dreaded task for most women. The majority of stores do not stock enough sizes, nor do they have enough staff to help you. Even with assistance a woman may not get into the correct size because they do not stock it. As a certified bra fitter I have a lot of experience with helping women achieve a proper fit. A properly fitting bra is important to a woman’s breast health, back health and self esteem.

I offer women the opportunity to shop for undergarments through private fitting appointments, in home boutiques, office parties and women’s events. I make the experience simple, easy and fun! I am a mobile bra and bodywear store that travels to home or office doors. My fit kit contains 53 sizes of bras from 32a-44h, plus panty and shapewear items. Clients try on my samples and we place an order that will be delivered to their door in just a few days. With so many sizes its easy to help women find their perfect size. I tell my clients bra fitting is an art not a science we use the tape measure as a guide but each women’s body is different so it is also about which bra feels the most comfortable. The look on a women’s face when she sees the difference a properly fitting bra can make her look and feel is priceless and makes me love what I do.

In addition to helping women look and feel their best I also love helping women to start their very own mobile bra and bodywear business. The direct selling channel is a great avenue for female entrepreneurship. Essential bodywear was founded 15 years ago by women with a mission of uplifting and supporting women through great products and female entrepreneurship. Bra fittings are always free and every purchase supports a women in business. Every woman deserves to look and feel her best so why not have your own bra stylist.

Signs of when to get a new bra:
• Your bra is approaching one year old
• You’ve lost or gained 10 pounds or more
• You are going through menopause
• You’ve had a new baby
• You have less than three to rotate
• You simply want a new one

Go to www.mariathebralady.com or call Maria Lambert at 314-691-2888 to schedule a FREE in-home fitting or party today!