YOU are the Most Important Factor in Finding Your Yoga Home

YOU are the Most Important Factor in Finding Your Yoga Home

YOU are the Most Important Factor in Finding Your Yoga Home
By Johanna Avery

Within the past few years yoga in the U.S. has become more popular. There are more and more studies about how yoga is so beneficial for all types of people. The question is, Is all yoga right for everyone? Most people would answer that by saying that it is a personal preference. I would tend to agree.

It has been said that there are generally 11 to 15 different types of yoga that most people know of, with experiences of one style being drastically different than another, and that is where personal preference comes into play. A person’s preference for one yoga over the other yoga may alter as you change into different phases of your life, but one thing is for certain: You have to go with what feels right to you and what your overall goal is. In general, there are two different ways of practicing outside of your home, in a gym or a yoga studio. There are wonderful things about gym yoga, and there are wonderful things about studio yoga, the key is to find what feels right to you.

Gym yoga class pros are:
-Most cost-effective way to have a steady yoga practice
-It’s reliable
-It has friendly instructors
-It’s predictable, you know what to expect
-At the same location or maybe multiple locations (i.e., Gold’s Gym)

Gym yoga class cons are:
-Sweaty nature of gyms
-Class etiquette, people coming and going as they please, cell phone out and interrupting class
-Classes are more physically based yoga, rather than a blend of physical, mental & spiritual
-Lack of community because the gym often has more foot traffic for different classes
-Atmosphere of a gym: mirrors, carpeted or linoleum floors, fluorescent lights and other gym equipment
-Teacher may not be certified or experienced

Studio yoga class pros are:
-Classes are usually smaller and may be more personalized
-Class can be different varieties with multi-levels
-Classes are more likely to be more focused yoga classes with different yoga disciplines
-Studio classes may offer other aspects of yoga, like philosophy, history, workshops, etc.
-More of a yoga community to help students dive deeper into their practice
-Atmosphere of a studio: wooden floors, linen drapes, calming painted walls, dim lighting, soothing scents within the room
-Teachers are required to go through teacher training and generally have more experience

Studio yoga class cons are:
-Cost more for classes
-Locations may be less convenient
-More intimidating to beginners

Whether you choose to practice at a gym or at a studio, understanding the differences or factors should be considered when determining where you take yoga classes. With Yoga To You L.L.C. the yoga practice is brought to the comfort of your space, whether that be your home, office, your favorite park or in a parking lot, we cater (within limitations) to your yoga needs, for your comfort.

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