Now Is the Perfect Time to Embrace Graceful Aging

Now Is the Perfect Time to Embrace Graceful Aging

Now Is the Perfect Time to Embrace Graceful Aging
By Dr. Ken Gilbertson

“Anti-aging” leaves such a negative impression when facing the inevitable. Instead, why not embrace “successful aging,” and welcome the benefits of wisdom and confidence from a life well-lived? The key to healthy living includes keeping active, maintaining friendships and living gratefully every day.

The medical staff at MD Health & Wellness offers additional assistance for enhancing your wellness journey:
• Benefit from bio-identical hormone therapy
• Renew and tighten skin with Ultimate Light sessions
• Reduce and maintain a healthy weight

Many women experience the effects of hormone imbalance as they age – some as early as 35 – which may impact their quality of life. Key signals include:
• Loss of libido
• Unexpected weight gain
• Changes in the appearance of your hair or skin
• Fatigue

The MD Health & Wellness medical staff performs thorough laboratory testing to identify those hormones that specifically need supplementation or proper regulation. There’s no reason that you must “cope” with these changes. Instead, get relief and start living the life you want.

The Ultimate Light uses laser frequency LED 635nm light energy to help naturally slim and tone areas of the body where localized fat deposits resist diet and exercise. It also uses 880nm light energy to increase collagen and elastin formation while tightening skin to create a slimmer appearance. MD Health & Wellness clients undergoing Ultimate Light experience a reduction in cellulite as well as improvement in skin tone and texture.

MD Health & Wellness advises diet and exercise are important in leading a healthy lifestyle, but utilizing various hormone and light therapies can be an added benefit, potentially improving both appearance and wellbeing.

At MD Health & Wellness, our goal is to see you living well. Contact us today at 314-770-2334 for your free consultation and body composition analysis.

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