Be Your Best at Any Age at BTMA Studios

Be Your Best at Any Age at BTMA Studios

Be Your Best at Any Age at BTMA Studios
An interview with Liam Springer, Co-Owner and CEO of BTMA Studio, about the exercise and movement experiences the studio offers to improve the strength, mobility, and wellbeing of the body.

Y&S: What can you tell us about BTMA Studio? What does BTMA stand for?
Liam: BTMA stands for “be the most alive” and is based on a concept I studied regarding the ideal state of health in a cell. It’s a state of vitality and energetic balance, allowing the cell to meet all of its encountered challenges without compromising its structural integrity. In short, the cell is the most alive it can be when it is able to deal with challenges it encounters with the least fatigue as a result.

This inspired me. I immediately thought “that is the whole idea behind my practice, to help people attain the highest state of living that they possibly can.” The question was what tools could I give them to help attain that state?

Y&S: How do your ELDOA™ classes at Yoga Source fit into all of that?
Liam: Guy Voyer D.O., the creator of the ELDOA™ method, and one of my teachers, spent many years studying the body in different aspects, including its biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology. He designed a method of conveying exercises that were both extremely effective and efficient. Each exercise is designed to make people use their body in a way that benefits their entire body instead of just one part. It helps repair and strengthen your whole being. It’s a powerful revitalizing tool.

Y&S: What made you start having your ELDOA™ classes at Yoga Source?
Liam: We partnered with Yoga Source because we share a philosophy. The whole vision of Yoga Source is to be very inclusive, to provide opportunities for their members to experience the help they need. Added to that, the owner, Angie Campbell, is amazing. She studied under Guy Voyer as well, so she knew what my practice is all about and how ELDOA™ can be used to help people. Through Yoga Source she introduced the members of her studio to ELDOA™ in a way that others could not. She has been an invaluable partner.

Y&S: It seems like ELDOA™ was designed to improve the health of your spine. Is that true?
Liam: It would take a long time to explain all of the benefits of ELDOA™, but one of its most important roles is in the health of the spine. You can find a lot more information by searching for the term, “ELDOA” on There you will find information on ELDOA™ and the SomaTraining Paradigm that Guy Voyer invented, and you can also learn how Yoga and ELDOA™ partner so well.

Y&S: Aside from classes, what else does BTMA Studio offer?
Liam: BTMA Studio offers a series of special events we call BTMA Adventures, which introduce people to new and novel experiences in enriched environments. Additionally, we hold special ELDOA™ Teacher Certifications for people interested in applying ELDOA™ to their professional practices. We also have a growing assortment of shirts and apparel available for sale on our website. All of that and more can be found on

BTMA Studio is located in St. Louis, MO. For more information about their classes or events, email or call (314) 669-5085.

Classes at Yoga Source are located at 1500 S. Big Bend Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63117