Don’t Let Planning Your Dream Wedding Become a Nightmare!

Don’t Let Planning Your Dream Wedding Become a Nightmare!

Don’t Let Planning Your Dream Wedding Become a Nightmare!
By Beth Koritz, M.Ed., LPC

Transitions in life can be fun, exciting, sad, or bittersweet. The one trait almost all life’s transitions share is stress, and planning a wedding is near the top of the list of stressful events. A whole range of issues become magnified – issues with family members and friends, finances, your relationship with your soon-to-bespouse, and even body image issues (what bride isn’t on a diet?). Unfortunately, these issues can take a toll on your mental health, making it harder to deal with stressors during this hectic time.

Societal expectations say we need to strive for perfection, and weddings are no exception. No wonder we want to avoid sharing our struggles (anxiety?) when well-meaning people say, “How are the plans going? You must be so excited!” We pretend to be happy and try to hide negative feelings, keeping our challenges and fears inside. This social isolation makes us feel worse and can lead to more shame and guilt.

Remember, no bride is an island. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Step up the self-care. Be certain to eat for health, not weight loss. Meditate or do anything else that brings quiet and relaxation. Have someone to talk to who won’t seem intimidating, judgmental or dismissive. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help, whether it’s normal stress or a mental health disorder. A therapist can provide a nonjudgmental and confidential space to feel validated, process your feelings, learn coping strategies and help you develop the confidence needed to tackle the issues associated with the planning process.

Finally, your wedding is about connecting with your partner, friends, spirit and community. On the big day, you and your partner need to take a moment to observe the joy and happiness surrounding you. This is a sweet memory you will cherish always.

Beth Koritz, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has additional certifications in Thought Field Therapy, Body Positive Psychology and Clinical Trauma. She is the owner of Koritz Counseling & Coaching in Webster Groves. For more information visit, call 314-266-8526 or email


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