5 Tips to Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding

5 Tips to Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding

5 Tips to Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding
By Rebecca Edwards, LCSW

You may have been waiting most of your life for this time to come. Now, it is your turn to plan the wedding of your dreams, and while it is exciting, it can be overwhelming. You are eating, drinking, dreaming, and BREATHING wedding planning. It can consume your thoughts, conversations, and behaviors. The number of decisions a bride makes is countless and naturally leads to decision fatigue. Where will I find my perfect dress? What photographer will I hire? Which venue will be the best? Who will I invite? Preparation and selfawareness are key to managing stress during this busy time.

Here are five tips to help you stay calm and enjoy this exciting time:

Take Inventory: Recognize what you can handle and whom you can count on for help and support before you walk down the aisle. I help brides, grooms, and family members evaluate their stress levels by identifying what persons and factors increase their stress. Also, I help brides identify strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself, “What do I foresee as being a source of stress” and “How can I plan to manage it?”

Outsource Decisions and Tasks: The more you try to do yourself, the more stressed you will feel. Delegate tasks and decisions to others whom you trust. Ask others to handle aspects that you find particularly difficult or fatiguing. If you focus on aspects that you enjoy, your stress will be reduced.

Take Care of Yourself: It can be easy to get consumed with planning and not take care of yourself. Take time to eat healthily, hydrate, exercise, sleep, journal, meditate, etc. Caring for yourself will improve your ability to manage stress.

Designate a “wedding free” time during the day or week when you do not talk about, think about, or plan for your wedding. You and your loved ones need a break.

Adopt a Positive Mindset: Avoid language that is negative. When you use language that is strengthening instead of defeating, it can make a big difference on how you view and manage stress. For example, tell yourself that the seating arrangements are challenging instead of impossible. A positive mindset puts you in a position to solve a problem rather than dwelling on it.

Planning your wedding will not be stress free; however, it should be fun! Managing your stress will make going down the aisle that much more memorable.

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