TruFusion Breaks Down the Barriers – Helping You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

TruFusion Breaks Down the Barriers – Helping You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

TruFusion Breaks Down the Barriers – Helping You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

TruFusion is a new yoga and fitness destination offering unlimited access to more than 65 class styles in traditional and heated temperature rooms. Located in Clayton, TruFusion will offer up to 240 classes per week for people at every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. The variety of fitness choices is tremendous and includes yoga, Pilates, spinning, bootcamp, barre, boxing, kettlebell, battle ropes, and more – all under
one roof.

Overcoming the many everyday hurdles to achieving your health and fitness goals can be a challenge for anyone. Barriers can stand in the way even for those who genuinely appreciate the benefits of health and wellness. Boredom, lack of motivation, and cost are just a few of the barriers you may face. But St. Louis is getting a solution – even before the coasts – that crushes those obstacles.

TruFusion is experiencing explosive growth, with new locations planned for California, Florida, and New York, but not before the fitness franchise opens in St. Louis. The studio has quickly become a popular destination for celebrities. “You know it’s a special place when celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez walk into a studio and take classes with 50 other people,” said Joe Goldberg, owner of TruFusion STL. The World Series champion and 14-time All-Star joined the company after he and Lopez, his girlfriend, were introduced to the workouts.

“Our bodies – even the bodies of top athletes and performers – plateau when we do the same workout over and over again,” Goldberg notes. “The body demands muscle confusion to remain challenged and our minds crave variety to sustain motivation. I noticed that people were driving to different fitness classes around town to get the well-rounded workout they needed, and I knew there had to be a better way. TruFusion was designed to combat boredom.”

The company’s name references a commitment to being true to the principles of health, wellness, and whole-body fitness by fusing multiple modalities together. Understanding that every individual’s goals are unique, the ‘Find Your Edge’ tagline speaks to helping members find their personal edge by reaching their goals, whatever they might be.

“TruFusion takes a truly ‘one size fits one’ approach, and members have the opportunity to customize a schedule that works for their needs,” Amy Lescher, TruFusion’s director of fitness, explains. “With a focus on safety and total health, our talented instructors help beginners start their journey while offering our more advanced members the challenge they’re seeking.”

There is a social and emotional aspect of fitness that comes with group exercise, something that doesn’t exist when you’re staring down a row of treadmills and ellipticals at a standard gym. “We’re building a community that people want to be a part of, where everyone is connected by a shared desire to be happier and healthier versions of themselves,” Goldberg adds. “We make creating a welcoming culture that is full of encouragement and support for members at all levels of their wellness journey a priority. TruFusion becomes an integral part of your lifestyle instead of a task on a to-do list.”

An additional perk is the in-house café, Revel Kitchen, which will serve as a gathering place for those who are looking to socialize. Members with a time crunch can also order food in advance and have it ready after class, a convenience that’s a healthier option than fast food. Other extras include personal trainers on staff, on-site massage and childcare making this facility an incredibly convenient wellness destination.

“My hope,” Goldberg continues, “is that by combining healthy foods and a supportive community with top-notch fitness classes at an affordable cost, we’ll make wellness more accessible to a larger percentage of our community.” With multiple class times, accessibility, and lots of variety, TruFusion is helping to remove the barriers that many face during their wellness journey.

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