OsteoStrong Helps You Live Better and Healthier at Any Age

OsteoStrong Helps You Live Better and Healthier at Any Age

OsteoStrong Helps You Live Better and Healthier at Any Age
Interview with Laura Harper who, with her husband Johnny Harper, owns OsteoStrong St. Louis and are OsteoStrong Regional Developers in Missouri

What made you think about opening an OsteoStrong?
It’s a long story, but it started as a way to help my father. I learned that the OsteoStrong system can be beneficial for rehabbing stroke victims and I wanted my dad to start using it right away.

Wow, that’s a powerful reason to start a business. How does it actually work?
Think about gymnasts. They have some of the best bone and skeletal health on the planet. Why? Because when they flip through the air and strike the ground, it puts tremendous pressure on their skeletal systems. The “high impact force” triggers new bone and muscle tissue growth, which has a positive effect on many aspects of health.

Our system gives the benefits of high impact force, without the risk of injury. Under the supervision of a trained technician, each Spectrum device allows individuals to experience the precise level of force for their musculoskeletal system. And here’s the kicker – you only do one 10-minute session a week. You don’t even break a sweat!

Once a week? Ten minutes? How do you know it really helps?
Biofeedback on each machine measures strength gains, and members monitoring their bone density with their doctor often see increases over time. One of the best success stories is the mother of the man who invented this equipment to help with her osteoporosis, she’s in her 80s and has the bone density of a 30 year old! 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures. Knowing we are making a difference in reducing our member’s fracture risk is priceless.

Can’t you get the same results by lifting weights at the gym?
The answer is “No!” OsteoStrong’s Skeletal strength conditioning is completely different. Research shows that the minimum amount of pressure to trigger new hip bone tissue is 4.2 times bodyweight. That’s easily attained with our system, but not with weights. We also trigger “myofibril” growth, which develops the density within muscle cells. The metabolic rate of this change is longer and the structural changes are longer lasting. This is why we see such rapid strength improvement, at all ages.

So, “myofibril growth” helps athletes?
Absolutely. Because of the bone and muscle density changes, athletes can improve overall performance, have fewer injuries, and play their sport longer.

Are there going to be more locations in the region?
We’re in Creve Coeur and O’Fallon, MO, and “coming soon” in Ballwin, Clayton, Kirkwood, St. Peters, and South County. We’re growing everywhere, even in Europe. Franchise opportunities are available if people want to talk to us.

Okay, I’m all in – how does somebody get started?
That’s the easiest part – give us a call and we’ll buy your first two sessions. No obligations. In my opinion, it’s the easiest and most effective thing you’ll do all week. It’s one of the most profound ideas in human physical development in decades.. You just have to try it!

Laura Harper, owner of OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong St. Louis
12333 Olive Blvd. | 314-300-6902

OsteoStrong O’Fallon
44 Crossroads Plaza | 636-238-8696

OsteoStrong Ballwin- NOW OPEN!
110 Holloway Road, Holloway Plaza | 636-697-3902

OsteoStrong Clayton- COMING SOON!


Interview by Diane Kline, a journalist and author whose columns have appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.