Health Runs Deep

Health Runs Deep

Health Runs Deep
By Dr. John Calhoun

When we think of health we often think of being thin and fit, or not feeling any aches or pains; but our health runs deeper than that. True health begins when we are functioning at 100%, but most of us don’t know how well our body is actually functioning. We can make a guess based on how we are feeling, but feeling and function are two very different things. To measure the overall functionality of our body, we have to measure the functionality, or health, of our Nervous System, which is made up of our brain, spinal cord, and nerves and is protected by our spinal bones and skull. The health of our nervous system is important because this is where our innate intelligence lives. Innate intelligence runs all the functions of our body. For instance, our hearts are beating, our lungs are breathing, our stomachs are digesting food, and we don’t have to think about it.

However, our innate intelligence is not the only thing living in our nervous system. Our immune system also lives in and is run by our nervous system. So, when our nervous system is not functioning at 100%, the other systems of our body, like our immune system or respiratory system, cannot function optimally either. This dysfunction is most often caused by a vertebral subluxation complex, which occurs when one or more bones in our spine shift out of alignment, putting pressure on our spinal cord and/or nerves. This blocks the communication between the brain and the body – our innate intelligence – leading to dysfunctions that can eventually lead to aches and pains. If we as a society took better care of our nervous systems, we would all experience a greater level of health.

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