Fall Into a Routine This Season

Fall Into a Routine This Season

Fall Into a Routine This Season
By Karen Gelb, Owner and Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

We are beautiful and strong women, and quite unique creatures.  We are creatures of habit, creatures of routines and cycles. Our female bodies follow the cycles of the moon. Each month, the moon follows a pattern, and our bodies along with it. We emerge from these cycles or transitions renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.  Throughout history, women have come together to love, support and celebrate these transformations, and we can still honor our bodies with love and healing and support each time the moon changes in the sky.

Our colons are our core, our instincts, our emotions, our immunity, our everything.  Our colons are where to start loving and healing our bodies. Colon hydrotherapy can do just that in a gentle, loving and safe manner. Cleansing our colons can wash away any residual toxins that may reducing our energy levels, clogging up our pores, bloating our bellies and impairing our immune systems. A clean body will undoubtedly function at more optimal levels.

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy has created a safe, clean and relaxing environment to honor and care for your body, as was always done for women throughout time.  The therapy room has all the spa amenities to create relaxation and healing.  Beautiful flooring and soothing blues on the wall, dim lighting much like a massage setting, and a private bathroom within the treatment room with a bidet to provide a fresh feeling.  Alkalized water,  a probiotic, calming sounds and relaxing essential oils all will aid in fading away all distractions and stresses allowing you to rest in comfort of healing and honoring your body.  

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy offers only top of the line treatments from a Clinical FDA approved system, to enhancing relaxation by laying on a Biomat along with a Mother Earth Pillow, and offering optional additives to enhance healing. 

Colonics may help us improve mental clarity, sleep better, increase energy and help you to look amazing doing it. Achieving great health starts with boosting immunity and 70% of our immune system is in our colon. Optimize your health with colon hydrotherapy and replenishment with our new state-of-the-art water alkaline system.

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy is offering a Fall Cleanse Special! 

Get a 6 session package for ONLY $450!!

Regularly priced at $480 for a discounted package of 6 sessions.

Call  (314) 335-0395 TODAY for more information on this great deal!

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