July/August - Men on the Mat

July/August – Men on the Mat

Men on the Mat
by Tina Farmer

More and more, fitness minded men are turning to yoga as a way to increase their strength and flexibility while balancing their mental state. With its focus on building strength while ensuring correct posture and body alignment, yoga has become an important part of a well-rounded workout routine, as confirmed by this month’s Men on the Mat.

Studio: Metro Power Yoga
David Stockton

MotM DavidStockton

Like many of us, David was looking for physical fitness when he discovered hot power yoga.He quickly learned yoga was more than pretzel poses and ommms; it was an incredible physical challenge. His body grew stronger and leaner, and he ‘magically’ felt more balanced and well grounded. When he’s tired yoga gives him energy, stressed it calms him, regretful it gives him acceptance. In 2016, he explored the ‘magic’ by completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training at Metro Power Yoga in Kirkwood, MO. David travels extensively and takes his practice with him… in airports, hotel rooms and new studios around the world.

Studio: GO YOGA! Express
Ascenzo Bonitati


Ascenzo’s yoga journey began less than a year ago when his wife convinced him to join her for a Hot Yoga class. Having practiced Martial Arts for 25 years and being an avid crossfitter and fitness junkie, he saw yoga as a great chance to do something new and get a workout in. He never imagined how intense of a workout yoga could be while also doing wonders for his mental sanity. As a military officer for 12 years, Ascenzo also realizes yoga is a good stress relief from operational demands. Hot Yoga is hands down his favorite form of yoga and Kelly is his favorite teacher at Go Yoga Express.


Studio: Shanti
Glenn MacDonald


Glenn found yoga after years of distance running (many injuries), fencing (body asymmetry) and sitting at a computer (back/neck issues). His wife and daughter had practiced yoga for years, so he decided to try it. Being physically inflexible and mentally overactive, he hated it. But Glenn soon felt more flexible and vastly stronger, with improved balance. His mind became calmer and sharper; and he found that embracing equanimity and compassion was transformative. He has several great teachers, but practices most often with Dianna Lucas, Katie Kelly (Shanti) and Kelly Hogan. Off the mat, Glenn is a Wash U economist and composer/producer of electronic music.