Energy Yoga: Tuning Up and Tuning In

Energy Yoga: Tuning Up and Tuning In

Energy Yoga: Tuning Up and Tuning In

What, exactly, is energy yoga? Simply put, ALL yoga is fundamentally energy yoga. When we engage in the holistic yoga practice (a moving meditation that is stripped of outside distractions and intent on harmony of breath, body, and mind), we engage our energetic body and learn to channel that life-force energy known as prana.

In the yogic study of the subtle body, we primarily focus on the nadis and chakras: energetic channels and centers corresponding to all physical body systems and their intricate neurological governance. The convergence of the two main nadi channels, the Ida and Pingala, is where we find the third main nadi, the Sushumna, and where the chakras align along the spinal column. In yoga we use Asana, Pranayama, and meditation to go within, harnessing and regulating the flow of prana to the nadis and, in turn, throughout the chakras.

Restoring free and balanced movement of prana within the body is a powerful way to support our own physical well-being. Studies have shown that yoga and other energetic practices like Reiki have neuroprotective benefits against depression, dementia, and other chronic ailments, and can improve mood, sleep, and blood pressure.*

Energy practices can also lead us to experience the beautiful interconnectedness that we have with all life. The prana flowing within us is a spark of the cosmic energy all around us and thus our very being is one of intimate connection with nature and the heavens.

As teachers, our experiences with energy work help empower students and compassionately guide them as they continue deepening their practice. Yoga reminds us that we are part of the cosmic flow, inevitably and fruitfully linking us all to an ever-expanding universe.

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Vicky Braun is a yoga instructor at Wildwood Yoga, MHA, RYT-200, and a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.